The Ocean’s Heart Book

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The Ocean’s Heart


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Slowly he regained consciousness and just like a fog lifted before him, she finally appeared in front of him. She was beautiful, the thought nearly choked in his mind like it were a sentence waiting to escape his lips, he gasped and hurried away from her. “Am.. am I dead?” he asked himself. He turned and his eyes brightened, she was naked. Staring back at him with concern, her hands making no attempt to cover the nakedness of her body. The sand of the beach adorned her body and the sunlight shone it off making her body glitter. Her breasts were quite firm and probably the highlight of her upper body. “She can not be... Maybe be a mermaid?” he whispered to himself. (SOME MONTHS AGO) “Why do I keep having this same dream? Who is she and Why do I keep drowning in my dreams?” Tristan was born into a wealthy family, all was good until tragedy struck. They say fate is unfair and Tristan must have thought so as death separated him from his mother forever and not long after, his father brings home another woman with a child. “I am here to stay and I don't care if you hate me forever, I will always be here replacing your dead mother!!!” the woman said. “I am scared that every time I close my eyes, I will see her calling out for me while drowning, my life is suddenly strange” said Tristan. “A mermaid... It could be a mermaid” an old drunk man had told him. Will Tristan Charlie be able to solve the mystery going on in his life? And survive a callous stepmother and brother or does fate still have a wicked twist for young Tristan? Hello, it is the Author, this is one of my favorite books. You can also check out my other book WHEN LOVE HAPPENS (ongoing).