OKAY, just what kind of wizardry was this? – Slade thought as he was staring at the captain's ear tip that was now turning bright red.  He turned to the one who caused it – Astrid Townsend. 

The teenager was looking at the captain with interest and amusement in those pretty eyes.  And all Slade could think of was, 'this kid definitely knows what he's doing'.  He turned his gaze back to the captain and thought, 'Captain, you're probably in some deep shit'.

And he wondered just how much the captain understood that.  Or maybe for the captain, this was not 'shit' but a pool of rainbow-colored mud instead.  And the other was very willing to swim and dive in it.

Reas also saw the general's reaction.  But only a slight creased appeared on his forehead.  He even felt only slightly bit irritated.  Which was a huge leap to what he would have felt if the past week didn't happen.  But no matter how slight, it was still irritating nonetheless.

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