"DON'T worry about this Jesse Norris business anymore," Ellis said. "This time, I'd do it without any mistakes."

"Sister Ellis, it's not your fault. You didn't do anything wrong. We couldn't have predicted Jesse Norris to be this, well, crazy," Astrid said. "I'm sure he wouldn't try anything after this."

He might think of it, but if there was at least one sensible adult around him, then they would definitely stop him from doing anything crazy again. Surely, they could see how bad it would be for Jesse if he continued this kind of actions. 

Ellis nodded. Although she still felt that she was negligent that's why something like this happened. She really needed to up her game.

"We'll continue to sue him and add this latest transgression," she said. "Do you want him to go to jail? What he did would probably enough to send him to prison."

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