"IT'S true that the virtual pod that Townsend used was tampered," Wulfric said.  "To be precise, all of the virtual pods yesterday were tampered."

Upon hearing that, Cyrus clenched his fists.  Because now, the argument 'how would we even know which virtual pod he would use?' was now invalid.  It meant that this incident was targeted towards Townsend.  And the possibility that it had something to do with his family just now became extremely high.  He definitely wasn't the only one who thought so.

Wulfric observed the reaction of the when he said that.  Reas remained indifferent.  It's almost as if the one who chose to solve things yesterday using violence was not him but another person.  Seeing his calm reaction now, one would think that the burst of temper he showed yesterday was just a one-time thing.  But Wulfric didn't think so.

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