ASTRID stared at his brother's furrowed brows and felt amused.  It seemed that the good opinion Reas had about Wulfric only extend to the latter's ability as a soldier and a general.  But when it came to Astrid meeting Wulfric, Reas was still very adamant about it.

"Well, I have a… situation.  It kind of needed the help of someone from the military.  The higher their position, the faster it would be solved.  And since, you know, the prince was your trainer for the past week, I just thought that maybe he was there.  And that maybe he could help," he explained in a very vague way.

Because if he directly said what really happened, Reas would definitely be shocked.  Then, he would needlessly worry.  He might even scold him for being reckless.  And he really didn't have any time for that right now since he was probably only half an hour away from reaching the Imperial Military Academy.

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