306 HO-HO-HO

YUJIN, who lazily raised his head, was also surprised when he saw Astrid Townsend. But it was only for a second. Because if he thought about it carefully, it's not really that weird for them to be in the same spacecraft. First, they were travelling to the same filming studio planet. And second, they were going to the same filming crew.

But his agent, Carmine, couldn't hide her surprise and shock. It took a while for her to recover. In fact, she only did so because she saw the woman sitting in front of her raised her eyebrow. As if she found her momentary gaff funny. 

Carmine gathered her senses and showed a very, very fake smile. "Oh, it's Miss Payne. What a coincidence. I didn't expect to meet such a famous agent. As an agent myself, I feel quite honored."

"Then, I have to apologize since I have no idea who you are," Ellis said with a smile.

But in Carmine's eyes, it seemed more like a smirk. As if the other was mocking her or something. 

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