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THE general's next words answered Reas' question about whether Cyrus Lancaster indeed asked this cousin to help the other deal with him.

"We discovered from the evidence we found that your brainless cousin wanted to frame you for what happened yesterday.  It's obvious that he was quite determined to ruin your reputation.  Probably wanting you to be out of favored and be ostracized by your family.  Quite the jealous and insecure guy, if I must say.  Good for you, the criminal he hired actually had a semblance of conscience.  He didn't frame you and he even went as far as giving us the vital evidence that it was your cousin who was behind it all."

The video that Specter sent them was actually a direct recording of his video call with this Kristoff Lancaster.  So, everything that the other said was caught on camera.    From asking the hacker to sabotage the virtual pods and then framing it on his cousin.  To how much he would pay Specter for it. 

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