"ARE you going to leave the academy tomorrow after the ceremony?" Ash asked as he ate a piece of meat. 

It's because they would finally be allowed to leave the academy after the opening ceremony tomorrow.  But not all could attend the ceremony.  At least those who would pass the week-long training could.  But those who couldn't would have to leave the first thing in the morning.  Which was kind of harsh, by the way.

The result of their week-long training would be sent to their Terminal later this evening.  And yes, they would finally be able to use their Terminals.

Ash was not worried that he wouldn't pass.  He knew that he had done fairly well this past week.  In fact, he had almost always been at the third place during their training.  He was not dissatisfied with that.  Because he never once thought that his rank in this week-long training define who he was as a person.  Unlike some noble lord with the surname Lancaster.

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