1 Chapter 1

"Since its our last day can we get a party"

The guard's face kept a stern look as some light from a nearby lamp reflected on his face, opposite to him were two people. A man and woman, both on the hollow cold concrete floor with their open wounds.

"A life is much more than just a meal, it should be a fucking party" said the women as she tried to move about with thick metal chain restraining her movement.

"They're two of us here do the math that must add up to a party" she continued.

"A party for a criminal" said the guard touching the metal bars separating him and the criminals.

"I'm still a human"

"Not to the law"

" Don't you have a family or something, put them or yourself in my situation and try to think about it"

"I will never be in your place so I don't have to think about it"

"Wow what a grade A person to aspire to, I hope I will be like that someday"

"That very unlikely but continue"

"Fuck you"

"Imagine you people are supposed to protect us"

"It's a job"

"Whatever it's only convenient for you to take advantage of someone"

The guard's face experienced a slight change from the usually cause the woman's face to completely light up in joy and a hopeless pride which got her here in the first place.

"How many girl's numbers you have from withholding them for being girls" She continued to apply pressure.

"Good amount, stay alive a day longer and you will so me reach a my personal milestone of a hundred" the woman face absorbed all of it with a smile.

"Being a police should be the easiest thing in the world"

"Oh here comes the bullshit"

"Really the only thing I should be doing is sitting around relaxing, expecting you all to behave"

"Don't you guys already do that"

"Yeah except I have to get my fat ass off my seat to chase you, haven't your parents teach you fucking assholes how to behave"

"Not only we have to protect you physically we also have to protect you from whatever crazy shit happening in your head"

"What am I a fucking psychologist"

"That doesn't sound like my problem"

"My last moments and I have to listen to a fucking man child crying"

"It's not like you have anything better to do"

"It's not like I like giving solutions or anything but due to the situation, what the heck you know I will try" she lean her body toward the guard saying "To your problem probably you know some of us you know the criminals" she continued "Don't have fucking parents"

The hope in the guards eye vanish with all the minor emotions on his face.

"Thanks for the help Linda"

"It will be some good help in the future to help those criminals" he continued.

Linda did a small and pitiful bow to the him replying "Your welcome"

"Good story to tell them when they reach the same place you are in"

"Probably one of the few stories you criminals can tell in truth without any guilty conscience"

"Can I please have some silence" said the man in the darkest corner of the jail cell.

"You heard that shut up" the guard teased her.

"Fuck you"

"Hey he said it not me"

"At least when I die can I go alone"

"What you don't want to die with your husband"


"Isn't that romantic"

Linda spat at the guard's feet.

"We have a lot of viewers today"

"Great, my misery is their entertainment" she added "Our pain will be the laughter for your children"

"I wouldn't know anything about that" said the guard showing a small smirk.

"Do you really see your friend die" she asked with a sincere tone of voice.

"You don't even know my name" the guard said "It right there on my chest, my name plate" he showed her.

"We been talking for some time we are friends" she continued "At least you know my name"

"I'm not that incompetent at my job" the guard said.

"I wish I can be that incompetent"

They both laughed.

"It's a benefit that comes with the job"

"How did the both of you get married anyways"

"It was for a job"

"Ok great I guess"

"I feel like shit" she added "I still don't want to die with him"

"Hey Linda when we get out of here remind me to let us get a divorce"

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