5 Crushing The Entrance Exam & Learning About Soul/Spiritual Beast

Welcome to the Iron Will Academy's entrance test, everybody. I'm Malcolm Hollyweather, the principle of the IWA (Iron Can Academy). And I'll be keeping an eye on today's entrance test, doctor Declan Dimauro. The entrance exam has a number of features, including the opportunity to build a strong cultivation understanding base in today's non-cultivator society.

Okay, we'll start this way. Please enter a separate space, parents and guardians. First, we will begin the written portion of the exam. Please take your seats, everyone; you will have thirty minutes to answer the ten questions on your report. Now. . . . Begin!

(Wait, now that I think about it, everybody in this room knows and understands more than I do, and has more experience than I do.) Regardless of the fact that I have access to millions upon millions pieces of information, alright let's get started.)

Several minutes later, Lavell finished ahead of everyone else, and was forced to wait until everyone else finished. Lavell later describes the test as difficult, despite the fact that he was able to look up books on some subjects in his head, and some even gave him the direct response. Even Lavell himself doesn't understand it, although believes it has something to do with him becoming the embodiment of the Frontline king.

Ding, time's up, put down your pencils! Okay, now it's time for the practical test. Where we collect data and you demonstrate your physical abilities. Then you'll show your QI consumption rate and one skill, and you'll be free to explore the school.

Okay, parents and guardians, please enter a different space as before. This room has one-way mirror, which means you can see us so we can't see you. Let's get started, starting with Lavell Aldrich. Please remove any magical treasures; they will be returned after the practical component of the test.

Could you please start cultivating so that we can explore your c-cultivation a-affinity? Lavell Aldrich has a spiritual energy affinity of 30%! Outstanding! The principal pleaded. Please start transforming the spiritual energy in the air into QI immediately. Lavell would consume so much and so quickly that it would take hours for it to circulate in the air. Of course, this would only be so if he wasn't carrying his Mid Grade Magical Treasure.

WHOOSH! The air surrounding Lavell had been absolutely stripped of spiritual energy, and everybody in the building was flabbergasted. The students, the staff, doctor and even the principal, once again. Good work, Lavell, but I have to ask why we haven't heard of you if you've always been such a gifted cultivator. I'm sorry, but the young master cannot share any details about his past at this time. If you want to learn more, please come to Aldrich Manor, principal Hollyweather.

Then Madeline vanished into thin air, Lavell assumed it was her cultivation method that allowed her to do such, and so he did not question it. Lavell then proceeded in using his QI skill Mind Dysfunction, which he used and made the cultivation staff all fall asleep. Although Lavell has the ability to gather large amounts of QI, he has not nearly mastered the full capability of his skill. Lavell was left exhausted and free to go, a few days later. Principal Hollyweather stopped by the Aldrich manor, and a chat about Lavell's fake put to gather past. It was highly believable even tho Aldrich came up with it, now Lavell was in the clear. He passed with flying colors, and even ranked No.2 highest cultivation skill among his peers.

With such great news, Lavell snuck away from Aldrich's celebration party in the Aldrich manor's throne room. To cultivate, during Lavell's cultivation demonstration, he discover something far beyond amazing. He had obtained the ability to begin practicing summoning a soul beast, which is only truly something someone in the Emerald Silver cultivation realm can do. Lavell thought to himself and said, I'll ask Aldrich about it in the morning.

The next morning had arrived and Lavell and about and hour before school. And then he took this opportunity to speak with Aldrich about soul beast and spirit beast. So Lavell, you want to know about soul and spirit beast? Before I send you a run down on the matter, may you look throughout that book of yours to figure out what exactly was the prior Frontline King's beast, was it soul or spirit?

Book of the Frontline, please guide me to the answer I seek! The Frontline King had a heavenly basilisk soul beast. They say it was powerful enough to destroy a village, doing the same environmental damage and damage as a tsunami. Ah, that powerful, well then Lavell, once you enter the Emerald silver realm you should be able to summon one as well. That is the name of your cultivation base after all, one of the finest I've seen in the world.

Several minutes about Lavell explaining to Aldrich, that he feel as if, he can do it. Alright, I'll let you give it a shot, but only after I describe the distinctions between a soul beast, and a spirit beast. A soul beast is only as powerful as the one who contracts with it, once contracted they acquire the ability to use the contractors QI method. Although, they'll pick up stronger and rather unique skills compared to their contractor. And doing so means that they are bound to their contract until their contractor dies.

Which in some cases never happen, there are some extraordinary cultivators who reach the Azure River final cultivation realm and the Enchanted Dream forth realm. These people are granted eternal life, they become immortal. Although there are some who choose not to breakthrough past the Enchanted dream third realm, those who don't wish for immortality.

Alright, carrying on, a spirit beast. I for example have a spirit beast called Belinda, she helps boost my physical ability. Spirit beast only demand loyalty, and their skills and ranks do not increase nor decrease. This is why they are ranked into three different categories. One being S rank, another A rank, and lastly B rank. They are ranked in terms of power, from strongest to weakest. Belinda is and A ranked spiritual beast.

And as different than a soul beast, they can not be forced into doing something they don't want. Nor, will take being mistreated, or belittled. Now do you understand? How would you feel if I told you, I didn't quite understand a single word that came out of your mouth? LAVELL! Why didn't you say anythin- Bye got to run don't want to be late on my first day!