1 The Beginning of his End

Unfamiliar ceiling, and body, Baek Ji-hu silently stared at the man opposite to him. An exquisite face that seems like it was sculpted exclusively by God himself stared dubiously back to him.

"Where the hell am I?"

Ji-hu stares at the mirror with a confused expression.

'If my memory isn't failing me, I was just taking a break from overtime. After that, I fell asleep?' Ji-hu frowned as he recalls from his memories.

Though, It didn't take long before he regains Creed's memories.


'My head feels like it's splitting itself!'

After a grueling minute of pain from a headache, unknowingly, some blood seeps out of the corner of his mouth. Ji-hu slowly regains his stability and firmly clenches his fist.

"Sigh, what a mess. Khk!"

Ji-hu frowned from the lingering discomfort and contemplated for a while as the pain from the headache subsided.

'Alright, first things first. This kid, Creed, is just a minor villain from what I learned in the novel, ArchNemesis. I also confirmed some facts after recovering some of my memory. Still, this household is really distressing.'

Ji-hu frowned from disgust as he remember the vividness of cruelty of the residents of Lumeria Household.

'Corruption, Infidelity, murder. All for the sake of obtaining the seat of the Patriarch. I absolutely need to get the hell out of this house.'

A series of knocks awoke Ji-hu from contemplation.

"Young Master, the Patriarch wishes to see you at the dining room."

A youthful voice curtly announced the order of the Patriarch and silently waited for Ji-hu's response.

Ji-hu silently gazes at the door.

'A dinner led by the Patriarch? How come I don't have recollection of this.'

"Young Master?"

Hearing the impatient utterance of the maid, he immediately responded.

"I'll go right away!"

Seeing that the sound of the footsteps is slowly fading, Ji-hu sighed out of relief.

'Steras, the Bloodied Witch and one of the mistresses of Patriarch. Why is she attending me? Wait, dinner? Sigh, how could I forget, this is the Prologue of the ArchNemesis!'

Ji-Hu closed his eyes and inwardly grieved.

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