1 Day O: Old ends and new beginnings

it's all kinda laughable now that I look back on it. My last day in my world feels so long ago. I was on my last leg , everything was my fault they said. I didn't care I just accepted it and moved on. My day started with my brothers dragging me out of bed to use me as target practice for archery.

If I fought back it meant a beating if I spoke up no one would listen. after about a hour of having flat headed arrows hit my bare back they let me leave. I got dressed made breakfast and went to school.

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Before I got to class that day I found a weird book laying in the street. after picking it up a drunk driver crashed into me. I was dead , I didn't feel a thing and then suddenly my eyes opened and I was in a empty space of pure white with black stars covering the sky like a painting from a god.

A voice proceeded to speak to me. this voice was clear but had a odd tone to it. It was obviously not human but something way more powerful. The words it spoke where " my beloved child, I have been watching you for years. I feel immense sorrow for what these humans where doing to you. I have decided to send you to another realm where life can be as you make it. What will you say my child?".

I could not believe I was being eyed by a god for so long. as my chest tightened as i agreed to go. the voice laughed and then a bright light appeared before me. It was a goddess and one with immense power and beauty. she smiled and told me I can have any three skills along with complete control of mana that would grow with practice. I asked for a mind that would be calm in any situation. a body that could survive any form of training and a storage ring to hold things in.

She showed slight curiosity and asked me "why these thing".

I told her it I would like to live a hermits life and train and explore this new world that she is sending me too. She raised a eyebrow as if she new something about my life that I didn't, "my child you will have many other things to do their" .she waved her hand and like the tides hitting a sand castle everything washed away and I felt heavy and my sight went black.

I woke up in a strange place a forest filled with new and amazing creatures. this is my new life and this is my story..