The Nine Monarchs Beyond The Veil

Author: TheMortalGod
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What is The Nine Monarchs Beyond The Veil

Read โ€˜The Nine Monarchs Beyond The Veilโ€™ Online for Free, written by the author TheMortalGod, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: He appeared in a pitch-black void. Beings of cosmic scale fought before his eyes. They fought and fought. Fought against...


He appeared in a pitch-black void. Beings of cosmic scale fought before his eyes. They fought and fought. Fought against the unending swarm. An endless multitude of amorphous flesh. Morphed into tentacles, morphed into worms, morphed into bubbles, morphed into flesh, flesh and flesh. These beings came from the deep, from the depths of the cosmos, from the chambers of the chaos. They plucked out planets, They plucked out stars, They plucked out galaxies. They were...

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Sergin ยท Fantasy
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Author Review here. Well of course I am gonna rate my own novel 5/5 So anyway, it is a Lovecraftian horror-inspired medieval Dark Fantasy novel. Some of the key plot points to mention here. -Antihero Protagonist (Borderline Villain at times). -Protagonist is a father from the start. -Gods and Mortals. -Complex side characters and antagonists. -A Living Breathing World where every character has their own passion, goals and desires. -Kingdom building elements. -Swords and Magic. - And most importantly...Dragons! Give this novel a try if you are a fan of Epic Medieval Fantasy stories.


My oh my, this author could be a poet lol. The wording is so smooth and intricate. The synopsis is beautifully written and the chapters that follow are crafted to perfection. The author's descriptive skills truly puts you inside the novel. All I can I say is that, this novel is a masterpiece awaiting tremendous success. [img=recommend]


If you enjoy horror and fantasy this book is for you. It is well written with grotesque imagery. I like how this, not all human family, battles together. The characters have complex relationships. There is action from the very beginning and carries on throughout. Celeste is a chilling girl she kept me wanting to know what would happen to her. Well done to the author. I hope this book does well.


this is an extremely good book unlike most of the trashy novels these days[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=exp][img=update][img=recommend]


The story line was interesting form the starting and it really matched with the given synopsis. And it always moved with flow without any plot holes. The characters were designed distinctive to each other, having their own mindset. That made this book more fun to live. The Action scene is what keeps to hooked to the book, they are so good and creatively explained. And when I read the book, it felt more like poems which is my most favorite thing in this novel (I have many books but only few have the talent to write so beautifully) And the update seems good too, so I am giving you a total 5. Enjoy and have a great day/night Author. Last but not the least, this book is now a part of my collection ๐Ÿ’™


I just got to the end of this, and I am mind blown. The world background and descriptions are well detailed. The writing style is just * Chef's Kiss.*The plot line is smart and promising. I feel that this novel has many more plot twists and unexpected events. If you plan on posting more chapters, I'm definitely here for it. Great Author! Good luck!


Woah!! Such an amazingly written book ๐Ÿคฉ Firstly the wonderful writing and wordings attracted my attention๐Ÿ˜ Then this interesting plot just drew me into reading it further๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป Great job done by the author writing this beautifully written work ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป


First off i wanna say my favourite aspect of the story were the fight scenes, the fight scenes are absolutely fantastic. They're well written and very well detailed down to the most minor things. The world building and the lore is on point with the lovecraftian horror and fantasy elements. Characters are well developed with every individual having a rich backstory and likeable genuine personalities. I keep going back to the fight scenes as they're my favourite aspect of the story alongside the characters.


I'm still trying to get some of the evil laughs out of my head. it felt kind of real to an extent, it was as if I was standing right there .


Synopsis is very intriguing and the plotline is very captivating. one thing that i liked most about thid book is the writing style of the author which is very hooking. The book is underrated.


This is a new genre for me, But honestly, I am loving it. The story has potential and honestly intrigued with the synopsis once I've read it. Recommendable book! Looking forward to more, Author. Keep it up!


Excellent writing so there is no way I can give less than 4. However, I just found it boring.. extremely boring. I understood what was happening, and I'm an all for this genre, but I don't know what it is, I just couldn't get hooked. Perhaps it's the slow pacing? Or maybe it's the lack of background in the beginning. Like the characters are just shells, not connected with the read, so I feel no sympathy nor suspense for events. Though, it might be me, so I'll continue reading this lol (rn I'm chapter 3). Good luck w this, it has a huge potential


This book is amazing and I love the amount of effort the author put in to the book. It really pays off. The prose is magnificent and so are the characters and plot. Amazing job!


Trash Harem Story. It also starts with him as a father, but then it turns harem, AND he has more kids. One of the worst storys on webnovel. Dont read, its horrific.


in my list of novels this is #1[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]




The book is well explained and the first chapter depicted the struggle as much as possible. Your command of words, I must commend. Your dialogue was so real and the descriptions of scenes and background were all top-notch. It is a well-written story. Nice one. I will be following up and gradually grind the book..


The novel is very captivating. What intrigues me the most, is your beautiful use of words. Even though I'm just starting it, I like it a lot.


I'm a fan of horror so I really enjoyed reading the first few chapters. I love your writing style and I look forward to reading the rest of the story. Great job!


the synopsis is so captivating. i already feel like i want more. I really like the description of your characters. Kuddos for Author Mortal God.


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