1 Chapter 1: Where did it go wrong

"NEIN I DONT LI-"DAD, I'm almost eighteen I'm not a baby anymore" carly said. you see carly's parents were nagging her to get a job and she did it was just a night job she was hired for the nightguard her parents didn't agree ...well it was more her father, he was worried and a little mad."dad, I'll be okay it's underground and you need a key for the elevator." carly said as she holds up a key. "Fine but your taking a crowbar just in case." carly's dad said.

"Why would- never mind I just have to watch cameras in a office but I will bring multiple crowbars, you know just in case." carly said "alrighty my shift starts at 12 but the guy on the phone said to be there at 11:46 to have a tour of the underground he said it was kinda big so- wait in have to there in thirty minutes, ok I gotta get in uniform seeya" with that carly ran up Stairs leaving her parents standing there.

"well we did say to get a job and she did" her mom said "we should get ready for bed " carly's dad said, and then the went up to say good luck for her job and went to bed.

Carly was a little nervous but she was confused the most 'why do they need a nightguard he said the elevator can't operate without the key that only the staff had' she thought. she realized she was there and got out of her car. "damm it's cold" she said her brown hair blew in the wind as she walked to the door

when she got in side a kind man in his late twenties "yo so your carly beilschmidt right ". the man said with a closed eyed smile," ja that's me", carly said ," great, I'm Larry Fishen follow me I'll show you were you need to go"

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