The Nightmare WorldThe Nightmare World

The Nightmare World

by Divine_Warrior

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Sometimes it is the weak who end up strong. Sometimes it is the strong that end up weak. Sometimes it is the one who suffers that rises up, Yet sometimes it is the one who is naive and free from suffering who rises up, Jamaal, a teen who suffers from nightmares, has always been the weak, and yet, also the strong. In the day, he was strong, held strong, stood strong. Yet, when the night came, he became weak, suffering mentally from the darkness. Yet, each time he woke up, he did not fall like his nightmare made it seem, he grew stronger, he accepted and reinforced his will. The time now has come, though unexpected, Jamaal has to become stronger in the night and uncover secrets, journey across lands to help the people rise and fight against the darkness which destroyed the light of this continent and was now the ruler of Tanzania. Please give power stones, I need them for the writing formula contest.

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