The Night of our Deaths Book

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The Night of our Deaths


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The world was never a good place to live in and for Hana, it was a cruel and bloody place. Death always linger around her, following her around. A high-ranking member of an organization. An assassin. A killer. Known as the ruthless and stoic member and executive. However, she didn't do all of those dirty work for nothing. In hopes of finding that one organization who betrayed and killed her parents, she did all of those. Her life was dark, her days were boring, her life was bland. Not until she met a man who happened to save her from her death. Minamoto Haruto, a new and low-ranking member of their organization. At first, she thought of him as annoying, a person who loves to follow her around, a person who is easy to read. But no, hidden backgrounds, unknown identity, secrets, and lies. It's as if he was the mystery itself. Just who is he? What is his goal? -- "It's dangerous," She said, grabbing his wrist while looking at him. "I know." "This night might be the night of our deaths." "As long as I'm with you, it's okay," He said and he shook off her hand on his wrist but grabbed her hand afterwards. He leaned forward and rested her forehead against her. "We're doing everything together." "We're going to heal together--" He pressed his lips against hers, softly. "--or break each other." -- you love him despite the burden of atlas resting on his shoulders, and he loves you despite the death still clinging to your lips, and the blood drying at it’s corners. what a pair you make. the greatest lovers in hell // l.h.z -- This novel will be an action-filled romance, dangerous yet sweet. This is a slow burn romance, we will not jump straight into romance and such things. This isn't your usual contemporary romance novel. This novel is inspired by countless stories, songs, and poetry. The poems, poetries, and quotes used in this novel aren't mine and I am not trying to own it. The cover is made by turtleboiii, she also writes and creates good novels. Do check hers out. Join my discord server: https://discord.gg/3MGe32c [This novel is going under hiatus.]


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