1 Chapter 1: Day 1

This is where my story begins. When the new game Cinemraft, we asked our parents to buy it for us.. but they didn't (obviously). So naturally me and my brother tried to earn money through any means possible to get our hands on that game. We found the pirated version but we where scared as we thought it had a virus.

My little brother, being the idiot that he is, decided to sign up to a random website which offered to give money if you were to watch a bunch of advertisments. The problem was, it needed our address. Rule No 1 of the internet: DO NOT EVER GIVE AWAY YOUR ADDRESS TO RANDOM WEBSITES. At this point in time I had no idea what my brother had done.

On to more important things.. our summer vacations were coming! We had been saving up for about half a year, and we were in the final stretch. Just $2 more. After we got that money we could play Cinemraft for our summer vacations instead of interacting with our cousins who never made our summer vacations enjoyable, at least for the first 2 weeks.

Just 2 more days, until our summer vacations would come. Today was my last exam. Morning: woke up, brushed my teeth, didn't eat breakfast and just went to the bus. In the bus, no one spoke unlike what would normally happen. It was a pin-drop silence. All students were just invested in their books trying to "learn" the last emperor of the Mughal Dynasty.

Today was my Math exam, which I was pretty confident in. So I just slept. About 3o mins later we arrived at school. I wished my friends best of luck and went into the exam room. Reading time started, and I realized I had forgot to read the area and perimeter chapter. "What was the formula for a triangle?", I thought to myself. An hour and a half later I finished the exam. I immediately went to my friend to discuss the paper.

While discussing the paper an argument broke out and I reached for my pen. Through the window was a man in a black hoodie with a no touch thermometer like device in his hand, point towards me. I got up, startled. He just.. disappeared. Huh?? I decided to just ignore it and keep a mental note.

Red flag no1. After the discussion (I only got the area of a triangle question wrong, surprisingly) we started playing around with paper waiting for our buses to come pick us up. All of a sudden a new figure entered the class.

She wasn't a teacher, as I didn't recognize her. She started handing us out forms which wanted us to fill personal details. Well isn't that weird? Why would the school need out personal information and the end of the school year?

Red flag no2. I filled the form and thought nothing of it. The buses came and the whole bus was filled with noise. I sat in the corner, feeling extremely sleepy. Another 3o mins later, I arrived home.

My brother arrived at about the same time as me. For some reason he seemed extremely excited. Then he told me, "I got the 2 dollars". I stood there in shock, even though I knew today was the day. After a little bit of here and there, we got the game. Unfortunately we couldn't play it immediately as we had to go for our "classes" or extra-curricular activities.

After my classes, I went directly to the computer and booted the PC up. Weirdly, my brother wasn't there. His classes ended before mine. And he was way more excited for the game than I was. And he wasn't here. There was no way he was gonna skip on playing the new game. Fast-forward to 9:oo pm where my whole family started panicking.

Then 1 day went by. The class party was held and my brother still wasn't home. Another day went by. Our summer vacations had started. At this point, he was declared missing. Another week went by, and our cousins came to greet us.

There wasn't even a ransom note for him.

Although the police where as useless as trying to teach me Spanish, I decided to search on my own. We lived in a pretty big apartment complex. The last I heard of him was of him heading to piano classes. I also used to go there but we had to cross 2 roads before arriving at the place. It was very obvious that the kidnapping (which is what I assumed it to be) was done on either of these 2 roads.

One road was pretty populated. The other one however was heading to a secluded alley way, which was a shortcut that most people didn't know about (it wasn't blatantly in the open, you had to go near a specific place to find it). And that was about it. No blood, no signs of struggle, no nothing.

Fast-forward another week and I was near the same alleyway, going through the shortcut, running a bunch of errands. I went to the supermarket to buy a few groceries, and noticed a man with a black hoodie standing around. Thinking back to the day of my last exam, the man I saw after the exam and the man near me had very similar stature.

"Well isn't that a coincidence and a half!", I thought to myself.

At checkout I noticed the man was right behind me. I thought it was pretty creepy but decided to ignore it. I took my bicycle, and started the cycle home. I turned back and, wait what? The man was starting to run towards me. A wise man once said, "If something happens once, ignore it. If the same thing happens twice, ignore it, for it is just a coincidence. But if it happens a third time, SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY WRONG.".

I started to rapidly hit my pedals, and soon enough I had lost him. "That was creepy", I thought to myself. And this was red flag no3. I started to go through the alleyway, when I saw a man in a black hoodie right in front of me, blocking the path. Knowing something fishy was going on, I rammed the bicycle into him, and he fell.

I mounted my bicycle, not knowing this was my worst mistake. The who just fell reached for a gun like thing while I was mounting on my bicycle. Then he shot it at me. I fell to the ground, shocked, literally. He tased me. A few more people with black hoodies started showing up, including the suspicious man who had caught up to me.

"What the hell?? Am I getting kidnapped?", I thought as a woman took a syringe with what looked to be a anaesthesia drug. She searched for my veins, and put the substance into me. Nearby was a van. This seemed to be a very cliche kidnapping. The drug was soon taking affect, and I was slowly losing consciousness. My vision was getting blurry. Then it went dark.

Slowly waking up, I started to look around. I had duct tape over my mouth. I was tied up, and I noticed there was another child, about the same age as me, lying down in the same state as me. Looking around there was a guard, who was sleeping. He had a few syringes with him, filled with the funny looking liquid that I immediately recognized as the anaesthesia. It seemed the guard was slacking off.

Attempting to take the opportunity, I reached for one of the syringes. The guard woke up immediately, took a needle and stabbed my shoulder. He knew I was awake, he was just playing around with me. That bastard. I woke up again, in the same room, with the same guard, who was now playing on his phone. This time I realized we were 3o,ooo feet in the air, or in an airplane. I hadn't realized that earlier as I was still drowsy and had been awake for about 2 mins.

I started to wonder, "Is this the same group that kidnapped my brother? Will there be a ransom? If this is the group that kidnapped my brother, that means there won't be a ransom. But then how will I go back home? I want to go back home... why are they taking me and my brother? What did we do?"

All of a sudden I felt air pressure clogging my ears. It hurt but it clearly felt like as if we were descending. The girl who was tied up winced, indicating that she was awake. Luckily the guard didn't notice.

It didn't take long for the plane to land. The guard got up and opened a door. Another person got in and the two started a conversation.

"They are awake... should I knock them out?"

"Nah no need. Just check their pulse. Especially the girl, she is fragile. The client wants her especially to be safe, she is special for whatever reason."

"Boss also told us to blind fold them right? Did you bring the blindfold?"

"Yeah, here you go. Oh and the numbers for the test subjects are 3789 for the boy and 3790 for the girl"

"Alright, see you then, bye!"

The guard walked over to us and first carried me to the back of a bus, where there were more children blindfolded and tied up. He dropped me on one of the seats and put a blindfold over my eyes. He also put a large pin in my t-shirt.

Soon after, the bus started. Their was a girl beside me. She started to touch around her surroundings and started touching my face. She found the duct tape on my mouth ripped it off. Then she reached for the back of my blindfold and attempted to take it out but our hand were tied up so she couldn't. I tried and after some time, the blind fold was off. I took the tape and blindfold off the girl's face and she uttered a thanks. Most of the other children had done the same and were now looking around.

The bus was pretty dark with minimal light, and there were blindfolds on the entire bus. The windows wouldn't open and it seemed we were on a AC bus.

I uttered to the girl beside me, "Why are we here?", even though I knew the answer.

The girl whispered back, "Isn't it obvious? We have been kidnapped"

I slowly attempted to get up, but I just couldn't. Looking down, I saw a large scar which looked like a gash above my ankles. They had slashed my Achilles tendon. I looked over to the girl's foot and saw the same. We couldn't even get up.

I started to cry silently, and so did half the people in the bus. I noticed the tag on my t-shirt saying 3789. The bus started to come to a halt. The door opened, and out came a man with a brown trench coat and fedora hat. He had a gun with him.

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