1 Cosmalan prince

chapter 1

"showing mercy to cruelty is cruel to kindness"


"W-who am I?" a Slim frail voice reached out with the bubbles coming from a giant tank filled with water

A mysterious boy was being treated inside a stasis chamber, lit by some blue lights the windows showed beautiful clear stars behind the transparent glass.

it was a room constructed to look a spaceship

The dense silence broke as a cracking voice filled the Room..

The tanks made of out glass broke as the same voice came out once again, "Ah, it seems like 'We're' being released from the stasis chamber, am I finally accepted?





In a giant tank filled with water, white smooth hairs of a person Waved..

"W-where am i? am i me, or is it someone else that makes the "me" a drenched boy walked out of the broken glass as he had no clothes on his body

The humanoid boy walked around the wet floor. Stepping with his wobbling feets on the ground, The shiny pieces of glass illuminated like some shards..

As he wandered aimlessly a voice answering to his questions

"You are an experience"

That voice belonged to a majestic woman, she wasn't recognized as her body burst with light and her whole body was on fire..

She told him his life's purpose, who was He? why was He created and who was His real identy,

That familiar voice made him believe he was the only one.. but he was someone else at the same time, then who was He?

The boy knew it was his purpose to find the answer to that question..

He didn't know anything.. but only one thing..

His journey of experiencing the vast universe had just began!

Few months passed since the boy opened his eyes in this world full of mystery..

In the midst of the universe, far in the Galaxy a small inhabiting planet orbit around the stars. This planet would be known as "planet secrette" a sacrad land covered in trees big enough to touch the sky.. brimming with beauty the Flowers and plants shone brightly to illuminate the darkest depths of the forest. The creatures living around the forest were attracted by the shiny light as they danced through the flowers and sang in circles.. Brimming with beauty and glamour, the place has also been known for his kind and generous people, with big beautiful eyes and pointy long ears the inhabitants had enjoyed a peaceful era away from conflicts or any vicious ambitions..

But how long can that peaceful era last?

Smoke came flying out from the forest..

Under the giant tries a campfire was lighting up the tall wide walls of an ancient ruin. The ruins were made skillfully out of the giant stones and pillars.. Among these cracked stones, sat the giant alien statues beautified by some strange literature and illustrations.. the statues had cracks as they were broken down through the stream of time.. with being there for more than decades, the forest had covered them in vines and weeds..


A loud voice of laughter burst out with a sense of spookiness,

In a corner of the ruins, a strange alien girl was tied up.. she had long shiny hairs, her ears were pointy and big.. this confirmed she was an inhabitant of this planet. Her beautiful smooth skin had scars all over her body which dripped purple liquid(blood)...

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Near the girl, Sat some giant beasts, Letting the poor girl alone to dry her eyes out the heinous alien monsters prattled out with a bloodcurldling scream.. With their Scarlett eyes omitting such an ominous aura a person would start shaking just by taking a mere glance.. the lives that had met their ends by these sharp claws went from hundred to thousands.. they were a pack of hairy monster taller than 8 feet as they reeked of blood

These creatures are space pirates known for their cruelty and monsterous strength throughout the Galaxies..

The beasts had decided to take a little pit stop at the ruins

The girl appeared to be dead as if she had lost everything she once was.

she had lost her shine.

The beasts invited the captured princess to have a meal with them while they ate with their nasty sharp teeths as saliva dripped from their mouth all over.

"Hey young lady you dead already? And here we were being generous enough to offer you our decent meal, you hungry right?"

The boss opens up the waterskin with his hairy paws and puts it in his wide jaw to drink..

*Gulp gulp*

" Fsaaa!" He slams down the bottle and looks at the girl with a sight of mockery.

"But oh my stars, we certainly ended up netting a big one this time. This cheeky little princess is definitely going to earn us some really good fortunes."

As the food had been thrown at her the princess looked into the lump of meat and her eyes teared down with blood


The girl who had no energy to even make a noise is shouting loud enough to make her voice heard all over the place.


She screams nonstop "I'LL KILL YOU" And struggles to set herself free from the rattling chains holding herself down..

Her deadly eyes are filled with rage and hatred.

Until one of the angry beasts bolts up with an annoying look on his face and puts her back to her silent mode,


He punches her guts intensily while the blood gushes out from her mouth,

The unsettling voice of the chains vanish as the misfortunate girl goes back to her usual quite self as she slowly sits back to the ground mumbling to herself.

Laughter is heard in the background as she's tearing her eyes down desperately while holding herself up..

"Sniff sniff*

"I'm sorry Mother, Father, all my brothers and sisters. I'm really sorry that I can't protect you, i thought my shoulders were strong enough to carry the fate of this world but now that I'm needed.. I am proven helpless, I can't do it.. MARKUENG PLEASE HELP ME!"

These beast were fond of traveling from planets to planets wipping out all their strong forces.. once all their defenses had fallen, they'd steal the planet's possessions and fortunes.

On some occasions they'd often abduct their children and women to sell them in black markets In the form of slaves.. Markets had a high demand for them so the beasts would be paid with a great amount of Dollarites,


Sometimes depending on their interest they'd be either eaten or kept as play things. The beasts had various of uses for these unfortunate people..

It was all for the sake of their entertainment

And unfortunately for this planet and it's people.. they had fallen under the same misfortune

"BWAHAHA yeah! and remember that super superior guy dropping out of nowhere?"

"You mean that loser acting like their hero, he was the easiest one to go down among their countless soldiers"

"Yeah Disappoints you doesn't it?"

" Sighs.. hell yeah, It seems like these planets have gotten weaker since we were sent down last time.."

The beasts continued their conversation sitting on some stones..

It appeared as they were digging out some rare stones in a cave near the ruins, stones that had strange attractive liquid bursting with red light..

The poor girl whom had fallen into their claws was in a very poor condition as she barely showed any sign of movements

With all hope lost in front of her, Her tears had barely reached the ground as an enormous blast shattered away the giant stones of the ruins..


With a surprised look everyone responded to the sound coming out of the ruins..

A bunch of monsters came flying through the old cracking walls and touched their boss' feet, dark as coal, the bodies couldn't be recognized as smoke came out of them

"W-what's this?" Says the pirate leader with a surprised voice as he looks into his men's burning corpses

*Step step*

A voice of footsteps echoed through the silent ruins as someone was walking in!

Everyone held their breath as they looked for the mystery person's arrival..

After some while a man emerged from the hole as he was leaning out from the cracked walls caused by the destruction.. with an innocent calm face, the man took a glance here and there as he spoke:

"What's this? I heard this place was ranked number one to have the cleanest environment.. but look at all the trash swarming around" He shifts his stare at the monsters with a provoking look in his eyes.

Much to everyone's dismay the mysterious man who made an entry was nothing but a youth.. with being covered in a mysterious cloth the boy couldn't be identified clearly as to what or who he was..

Was it foolery or was he someone really so brave? the boy walked into the herd of monsters as their presence hid the tiny little boy in the crowd..

The boy walked with a warm smile on his face while a dozen of fiends gazed at him with their tongues sticking out..

From his looks the boy looked about 18 years old as he was dressed in a uniquely desiged space armour. With all eyes locked on him he walked closer to where the princess was held hostage. The boy stepped forward as the world was ignored by him..

"Listen to us you arrogant little mouse, we're gonna..."

Before the beast could raise his claws to touch the boy's shoulder, The boy let out a sudden burst of shockwave, pushing the beast miles away until it hit the rocks shattering them up..

The boy stared at the princess as she mumbled to herself without giving any response to the boy..

The boy turned back with a slightly angered look on his face as the monsters replied him back with a sinister smile


"Well whatever, this only increases a little cleaning up chore on my schedule if I hurry up I'll still be able to make it in time" says the boy with a disappointed look

*Phwak!* the boss spits out the bone as he's done chewing,

"Clean us away? surely.. I'd love to be cleaned out by you if you could try.."

"Don't get high and mighty just because you took down a soldier or two"

"The real death stands right besides you"

*The boss points his eyes out telling him to look back*

Following his signal the boy barely looks back as he gets grabbed by someone from behind.. It's a tall fat beast with a black skin surpassing the height of 10 feet.. With his large and sticky hands, he squeezes the boy harder and harder as loud cracking noises of bones are heard throughout the ruins..

The beasts gang starts laughing at the painful boy with a mockery..

The boss holds the girl from her Bruised face and pulls her head toward the Crushed boy to let her take a look..

"Aww, were your hopes up for nothing~?"

He stares at her and laughs mockingly.

"HAHAHA, Behold the unfortunate fate of any fool who dares to stand against us, we don't have the title of 'undead beasts' for nothing you know! you should have given up that foolish hope already"

"Once he placed his hands on his target, you'll be reduced to nothing but a rubble made out of bones"

"It's over for that fool" with an angry look in his eyes the beast pushes the unresponsive girl away as she falls on the ground, with being so paranoid from fear the girl is paralyzed..

The beasts had known by the name of "Undead beasts" the galaxies called them that because they'd been unbeatable and no one was able to make them stop..

The guy let's his screams out in the giant ruins as his bones are being cracked at a rapid speed.. Everyone laughs at the guy who was supposed to be pathetically going down..

With a desire to know who this arrogant fool was, the beast decides to take away his cloak which had masked down his mysterious face

Before their nasty hands had the chance to reach, the boy turns his face up with a grin

"Just kidding!"

Before realization the 10 feet taller beast bursts up with fire and starts burning.. the beast jolts back, Screaming for help as no one dares to go for his rescue. With everyone too shocked to help, the beast burns down to ashes..,

The mood suddenly changes, the beasts whom have always been feared by the people now have a fearsome look at their faces..

They shake with fear as they step back from the boy covered in flames

The mysterious boy stares at all the beasts with a grin on his face..

"Y-you.. those flames! you're the prince of cosma.."

As their leader tries to finish his speech, the boy takes out his cloak which had hidden him away..

With beautiful orange eyes burning like the stars, the young boy speaks up:

"Yes! I'm the prince of planet cosmala, 'Shaizu starius', with myself being the humble next "star guardian" it's in my responsibility to look over the worlds orbiting around my stars and bring them back into their right order.. in clear words I'm about to end your rein of terror right in the name of start patrol HQ.." With his right hand placed on his chest, the prince elegantly introduces himself

Star patrol was an organization found by the Cosmalans, Cosmalans were a breed of alien species born out of pure light, With knowing only righteousness, these species lacked any other unnecessary human emotions Of greed or hatred.

Allowing them to spread nothing but hope and kindness.. they were blessed with abilities beyond any human comprehension.. and through their actions and strength the universe gave them the title of star guardians, or often they'd be known as "Angels"

However, prince shaizu's case was different, he was a special one even among specials..

Anxiously the pirate captain commands as prince slowly takes over his ground!

"You foolish little monkies! stop standing there and finish that annoying brat!"

As the monsters jump in the sky to attack him in a group.. the prince waves his fingers in the air to draw a magical circle with some unknown words floating around.. as soon as he creates a little tension by flicking his fingers in the circle.. a huge blast comes wiping all his opponents down at once.. they rain down on the ground with nothing but tiny little pieces of meat remained of them..

After seeing his army going down pathetically with a single blow, the boss trips on his feet with a fearful look at his face.

The beast leans backwards as he falls on the ground.. it appears as the beast had acknowledged the prince..

The prince walks toward him confidently as he points out two of his fingers at the beast's giant face like a gun..

"Pathetic!" he looks down on him with a serious face,

"you had such a joyous expression on your face as you refused to show mercy to your victims.. but now that you've found yourself in the same situation, you're on the ground begging for your life under my feets, but unfortunately for you I'm a monster worse than you!"

"Now that you've 'experienced' the same hell you've put others through, My job here is done, it's time to burn you in the hell you've created yourself"

As he's done talking, the beast grabs hold of the princess with his sharp cutting claws as she screams,


He shields his self with the girl and laughs.. "BWAHAHA, you fool.."

"Put me down in hell? sure go ahead you foolish little prince, but I'll be taking away this little runt with me too"

With no other hope left, the beast uses the princess as a hostage in order to save his life..

"Shaizu stares at them as the princess helplessly looks at his face with her teary eyes..

What will the prince do? -Chap 1 end