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The newyoker


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Recently running from an abusive father, and escaped from human traffickers, Maeve has to drop out of school and works in a store but with not much payment she decided to be a stripper. Four months in the business she meets Frank, a rich handsome business man. Her ideal dream man but not everything that glitters is gold right? it's was only a matter of time before she saw who Frank really was......a sadistic woman beater. Hungry, pregnant and broke Mollie wanders the streets of Illinois in search for a job. She finally get a job in a boutique. The person she least expected to fall for the her boss. Although their meeting was quite akward, he was already infactuated by her and decided make her his personal maid. But everything has a consequence, the person she least expected to see was her father who was her bosses business partner. Theirs danger ahead, she and her boss are falling depper for each other. Her bosses ex wants her dead. Her father wants her dead and her boss dead to take over the business. But one important thing is she finds out her boss raped her in the past. How will this whole twist be untangled. Read..........


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