The new ordinary is to kill?! BL Book

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The new ordinary is to kill?! BL


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The world as we know it today, the normal world, is gone, sense long gone. Today’s world has killing as the ordinary and you do it for money, for fun or because you are a killer hunter. And you are probably (?) thinking “what the hell is a killer hunter?!” Well, first, killers are more common then normal work’s and those who do work at normal jobs are often old och those who can’t work as killers for different reasons or didn’t make the cut, or just choose to be killer hunters. And killer hunters work for the government and to most people just get called cops sense they do almost the same thing, but they have their own department in the police business and only arrest killers. They also have free ways between countries with weapons without getting stopped. Will love bloom between a killer and a killer hunter? Will it even be possible in the violence and escapes?! *** Hi, if you are still reading and find this interesting, thank you! OBS! This book contains: BL Valiance Short chapters Wrong spelling And Probably other things people can dislike.. *** I am from Sweden, and I am not really good at English spelling but wanted too give this a shoot.. (= (I don’t own the cover!)