1 First day in Jamestown

We arrived at my Aunt's manor. It was huge, the biggest building I have ever seen. I walked closer to see it was built with amazing design in the stone it was made of. The doors big as like a waterfall could fall from it. I walked into the house, a grand staircase stood before me. People working around the house cleaning, moving things, and redecorating the place. When they all walked by they said hello to me. They were so nice and gentle as they walked by.

"Elizabeth, come let me take you to your new room."

"But what about Thunder?"

"I'll have my trainer come get him."

"He's not used to being handled by other people."

"Ok, I have the trainer come get you and him but now lets come to your new room."

We walked up the grand staircase to the floor where I'll stay at. We took a left into a hallway where there were these double doors. My Aunt opens the doors and sees a giant room with many other rooms within it. I walked in, the biggest room had couches and chairs and a table. There were 3 other rooms completely empty. I got to the last room which was my bedroom the bed was so big, enormous dresser and wardrobe, and the bathroom was huge as well. Everything was huge, definitely not like home. My Aunt seemed happy by my excitement of my new room.

"I had the room cleared out in case you wanted to decorate the way you want. I'll have the servants bring the boxes up and you can tell them where to put them."

I hugged her tightly, "Thank you."

"You're welcome, my sweet child. Now let's show you the stable."

I walked back down to Thunder and see him. Fighting with the trainer. I ran to him to calm him down.

"Excuse me girl but do not interrupt my work with this wild beast."

He smacks and Thunder had it with this man. He rears up and puts his front hooves in front of me, snorting at the trainer.

"Mr. Charles!"

"Yes? Madam Prescott.?"

"Do not ever hit my sweet girl again! She is the little girl from Whitetail Creek, I said I was bringing home. And this her horse Thunder."

"I'm sorry Madam Prescott."

"You should be, help Elizabeth where her horse will stay."

"Yes. Please come with me."

I jumped on Thunder and followed Mr. Charles to the stables. We came up to the stables, many horses of different colors, sizes, and breeds. I've never seen any horses like them before, as we walked in we saw no horses like Thunder. They were grey, brown, red, mixed colors, spotted horses. Thunder was tall, lean, long black mane and tail and his coat black as the darkest black you can get. He was the only black horse that was in the stable.

"You have a very unusual horse, Elizabeth."

"My name is Artemis."

"Not by Madam Prescott request your name will be Artemis. That is such a ridiculous name who named you it anyway?"

"Mary Prescott, my mother."

"Oh dear, she was a disgrace like Jeff Brookes to this family."

I jumped off of Thunder and pushed him against the stall behind him. He was in shock about how strong I was for a girl.

"Don't ever talk bad about my mother and father. I'm here because they are dead. If you don't want me to hate you then never disgrace my parents! Ever!"

"Elizabeth! What is going on? Let him go, this instant."

"She attacked me out of nowhere, Madam."

"Likely story, Mr. Charles."

"He disgraced my parents' name. He said my name is a ridiculous name. And said they disgrace of the Prescott family's name!"

"Come Elizabeth. I'll put your horse in a proper stall, not the small stalls. Thunder needs the room since he deserves it."

"Madam I was."

"In the back of the stable is not a proper stall for him. Here this stall was my horse's stall before he pasted."

"You had a horse?" Yes, Emerald. He was the best Jumper until he got old and unable to rid then it came to where he had to be put down. Thunder deserves this stall."

"Come Elizabeth."

"Be a good boy. I know this is new, we're going through this together. I'll be back soon."

"Neigh!!! Neigh!!!"

"Hey, hey, hey, I'm here." Kisses him. "Please be good."

I walked out of the stable without him screaming. We walked back to the house and helped the workers with my new room. They were confused about what I had brought with me. As we worked they kept saying for me to relax as they did it. I didn't let them do all the work without. I had to earn my stay with Aunt Edna. We got everything how I wanted and walked downstairs to go out to the stable. But got stopped.

"Oh Elizabeth, I want you to meet someone."

"Hi Elizabeth I'm Drew"


"I'm sorry she just came today, she doesn't know lady etiquette just yet."

"That is all right Lady Prescott. People are talking about her like how she is a savage."

I know Sir Stapleton. Let's talk while the children talk and get know to each other."

I started to the door but I got stopped again.

"Hey! Where are you going?"

"The Stables. I need to check on Thunder."

"Can I come?"

"I see why not, let's go."

I walked out the doors only to hear Thunder screaming. I ran as fast as I could to see what was going on. I knew I shouldn't have left him. I got to the stables only to see Mr. Charles is beating him while he's putting a saddle on him.


I pushed him back with all my strength. I turned to Thunder, he was bleeding. I ran to find clothes. I found some and put on the cuts. Drew walked in and saw he was bleeding.

"I'll go get your Aunt, Elizabeth."

I turned back to Mr. Charles. "You can not touch him. Who said you could? He is my horse, not yours, MINE! He has never worn a saddle before. You can't force things like that!"

"This is my stable, he is mine now. Once he stepped into the barn. You don't mean anything to him now!"

I ripped off the tack and got on him. "He's mine!" I rode out of the stables and saw my Aunt Edna.

"What happen!?"

"That man said Thunder is his horse now. He was beating him because Thunder wouldn't let him put a saddle on him."

"Mr. Charles, come here."

"Yes, Madam?"

"You're fired."


"You heard me. You're fired."

"You win this time, but I'll have that horse for yours one day." He walked away.

"Stable hands heal up Thunder, for us please."

"He wants my horse. What's so special about him?"

"I don't know, but we'll figure it out."

Later that night Mr. Charles went back to his home.

"Darling? You home?"

"Yes, Charles." She is the same woman that called Artemis an animal.

"I met the girl, she has a rare horse."

"The savage who got my dress dirty this morning!"

"So why are you home early?"

"I got fired from her Aunt."

"That b****, She'll pay for this."

"Yes, they will."

He walks to his wife, kisses her neck. Unties her dress and lets it drops on the floor. He lays her on the couch and keeps kissing her. Sliding his hand up her side. She takes off his clothes, he takes off her corset. Pleasure her body all night.

The next morning, Artemis wakes up in her new bed. Man yesterday was a crazy day. I move in with an Aunt I never knew about. I leave Dakota forever, Thunder got hurt. Thunder! I better go check on him. I run out of my bed and gets dress. Runs downstairs, I run into my Aunt's assistant Mr. Dickens.

"Whoo there Artemis. Where are you off to?"

I got caught off guard when he said Artemis. "You said my real name?"

"Yes, that is your real name. I like your real name than your new name. Now, where are you going?"

"I need to check on Thunder."

"Well, may I come with you?"


"How is your stay so far?"

"Besides yesterday, not ok."

"Well let me change that. First with a friend."

"But Thunder is my friend."

"Yes, I know but you're first friend in your new home."

"Like who?"

"Me, Of course."


We walked to Thunder stall and see he's better today. "Hey boy, came to check on you."

He nudges me for an apple. I went int my pocket and hand him an apple. He eats it all, he wanted more. But I had no more to give.

"Sorry I have no more."

"How about you show me what you two can do."

"Sure. Come on boy."

We walked over to the area. It was huge, jumps setup with flowers in them, stripe poles. I jump on Thunder's back. Began on a walk, picked up to a trot. Once he was warm enough, we jump over a low jump. We moved up to higher jumps clearing them, not even knocking them over. Mr. Dickens was surprised at how well I could ride. We got to the highest jump, we continue to it. We jumped over the jump, not knocking it over. Mr. Dickens was amazed at how well I could ride, other workers and riders watch us. They were speechless, my Aunt Edna saw the whole thing.

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