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Ji Zhiyao could not help but scorn himself a bit at heart, then decided to abandon superstition, and returned to the arms of science once more.

At this time Xiaofei spoke up, his doubtful tone successfully pulling Ji Zhiyao who had taken off into his thoughts back to reality. "Brother, why do I feel that Bug battleteam seems slightly different from before?"

Ji Zhiyao curiously turned towards the electronic screen and asked, "How are they diff…"

He paused.

They were really different.

The moving camera captured the expression of every Bug battleteam member walking onto the stage, they all seemed very… peaceful.

Like a pool of stagnant water.

Take for example Mix, they were also very peaceful, but traces of eagerness could vaguely be seen through their occasional conversations and expressions.

Using the word "peaceful" to describe them, wasn't too apt.

If he must find a suitable adjective, it would probably be…



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