67 No Refunds

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Ji Zhiyao, with unblinking eyes, repeatedly read this post by Mix's official account over ten times, even knowing exactly which punctuation was used where. At last, he threw the phone back to Wen Heng, frantically got out of bed, and brought his phone to the balcony to make a call.

This was his first time calling since saving Mo Huaifeng's number, and he had not thought that it would be for this matter.

The dialing tone rang twice, and Ji Zhiyao heard Mo Huaifeng's "hello" and his own uncertain one. "Fi-god, what does this mean? Why did I… suddenly become Mix's jungler reserve?"

Over the receiver, he heard rustling sounds from the other side like the faint noise of a stool being pushed back and the slapping sound of slippers which then changed to Mo Huaifeng's voice. "Before the official account published the post, I sent you a WeChat text. Did you not see that?"

Ji Zhiyao paused, recalling the one hour that he had slept for, instantly feeling f*cked.

Mo Huaifeng continued unhurriedly. "Your training timings will go according to your timetable; annual salary of seven hundred thousand without bonus; only a fixed 40 hours of livestream duration monthly. Anymore questions?"



"For example, my own opinions."

"At the entrance of the hospital, didn't you already agree? 'Without all these external factors you are very willing to be a professional player,' did you not say these words?"

Yes yes yes, I did say that! But an opinion and doing it are totally two different things, brother!

Let alone, he had also been forced to say those words…

Ji Zhiyao was extremely aggrieved. "… The club made an official announcement without giving me a call. Are you guys trying to abduct me? I don't agree."

Then, he heard a light laugh from the other end, lazily. "Too late, no refunds."


After hearing a little more from Mo Huaifeng about training timings, Ji Zhiyao hung up and entered the room.

Welcoming him was the questioning gaze from Wen Heng, who was the only one left in the dorm.

Ji Zhiyao said, "I just found out too, um, do you want an autograph?"

"… It's okay, thanks."

Ji Zhiyao sat onto the stool, logging on to Weibo with his own phone, which expectedly lagged badly when he entered.

He did not read both his tags and private messages but went right to Mix's official account, leisurely tapping on 'repost' after entering some words.

[IndefiniteFutureV: Mix.Yao. Cutting to the chase, we will stand together through thick and thin for the journey to come. / /@Mix Battleteam OfficialV: Announcement: As the team's starting jungler @Mix.XiaoV has suffered a relapse of his hand injury and needs to undergo treatment, the team, after long deliberation, has invited @IndefiniteFutureV to be Mix Battleteam's jungler reserve. New blood, new journey. The journey for the next national qualifiers is about to begin. Mix will definitely live up to everyone's expectations and put in our utmost efforts to earn a ticket to the international league! Once again, we would like to thank all the team's fans for their support!]

Just like this, he peacefully accepted the reality that he was to become a professional player.

Though deep down, he was way less calm than he seemed on the surface.

[Title: The story about 818Mix Battleteam that must be told.]

OP1: [I always thought Mix battleteam was considered different, in a good way within the local eSports scene; no scandals, don't mess with fans or fake their personalities, extremely lowkey. All they are focused on is bringing back the trophy from the international league.

Until I saw Mix Battleteam's jungler reserve :)

Is it a trend now for influencers to cross over to another scene?

I admit that this little broadcaster does have quite a lot of fans, and he's quite good looking too. But look at his gaming techniques, no matter how it can't be considered superb. Did Mix get their heads jammed in the door to choose such a reserve?

In addition, the announcement of this news was after his livestream with Fi-god's alternate account a few days ago. Was this making preparations to admit him into the team?

What bullshit about helping to clear up the scandal? Talking about everlasting friendship, please f*cking have mercy on the eSports scene.

IndefiniteNoHomo? This broadcaster sets himself free and spouts obscenities every day, so good at selling a great fake personality.

Above are the scandals of IndefiniteFuture's entire life.

If you're unhappy come at me. :) ]

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