48 Are You Afraid?

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The door opened, and the voice stopped abruptly.

The fastest to react was Ning Lichao. He looked at the two people sitting on the floor. "Old Ji, what are you doing?"

"Back already?" Ji Zhiyao greeted. Then, looking down at his laptop, he said nonchalantly, "They heard that I play well and specially came to consult me."

"…" The two boys stared at him in silence.

Yang Bing was slow-witted, but seeing how the two boys sitting on the floor did look like they were here to humbly consult, he then laughed out. "Then you guys have a good time! No need to bother about us, yeah."

"…" The two boys were speechless.

Wen Heng was the first to observe that the atmosphere was not very right, but seeing that there was not much change in Ji Zhiyao's expression and that the other two boys were the ones turning blue instead, he did not dig in any further and instead climbed onto his bed with his phone.

Ji Zhiyao, after seeing that all his dorm mates had entered, then said, "Next one, come on."

The remaining boy normally played as a jungler too, but after he saw Ji Zhiyao's smooth handling, the thought of withdrawing had sprouted in his mind. Now that the return of the residents of 1306 seemed to have given him a reason, he lifted his jaw. "There are too many people now, so it's not too suitable for competing. Not only would it be difficult to focus, but I'm also afraid that it will be too shameful for you to lose in front of your dorm mates. Why don't we find another day?"

"I'm not even afraid, what are you worried about?" An innocent smile hung on the corner of Ji Zhiyao's lips. "I've even gotten my teammate, and his personal worth is very high, so I can't afford to invite him a second time."

The fans in the livestream room: "…"

Did he really think that being far from the ear-mic meant that they couldn't hear him!

Mo Huaifeng, who was hiding in a dark corner: "…"

Although Ji Zhiyao did not distort any truths, there was still a line of denouncement in his heart that he had to voice out.

Ji Zhiyao continued. "What's wrong? Could it be that you guys are worried that it actually isn't me who would be too ashamed when I lose in front of my dorm mates, but you guys when you lose three matches in a row? Then let's forget —"

The boy immediately responded. "My username is **, invite me. Let's start."


In the second match, against the same type of opponent, Ji Zhiyao beat the boy until he had no chance at fighting back.

Once the second match ended, Ji Zhiyao rotated his wrists, realizing that the expressions of the two boys next to him were already turning from blue to dark green.

He lifted the corner of his lips and said, "Best two out of three wins of a forfeiture match. Isn't it time you guys accept your defeat and call me daddy?"

Insolent remarks, arrogant behavior, Ji Zhiyao did not find anything wrong in persistently challenging such people.

One could say he made use of the fact that his gaming techniques were excellent to bully people or that he had purposely made them fall into his trap, but Ji Zhiyao did not care too much about what others thought.

The two boys gritted their teeth. The shorter of the two was still indignant. "When did we agree that it was a forfeiture match?"

"Wow, still not admitting it, are you?"

Ji Zhiyao casually lifted his hand and pointed at the camera on the bookshelf behind him. "I turned on livestream."

The two boys: "…"

Ji Zhiyao changed to an even more comfortable sitting position. With a smile on his lips, he said "How about this: the third round will be a 2v2, I'll only jungle and not directly fight you two. You guys just need to compete against my friend. If you guys win, the forfeiture match is canceled."

"How do you we know if you've gotten a pro to abuse us."

"Be reasonable, friends. If you don't even dare to play such a 1v2 round, why are you still playing Heroes? Just go home and raise your pixies in Mole World."

The ends of Ji Zhiyao's eyes curved, and his pair of smiling eyes were very good-looking. "Or can I say that you are guys actually already cannot wait to call me daddy?"

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