1 chapter 1"where am I?"

What the hell? as she looked at the mirror she saw an 8 year old girl with long black hair with grey eyes "who is this kid?" as she was staring at the mirror she heard her name "Cassandra?" she look at the person who was calling her name it was a boy with black hair and grey eyes she widened her eyes and said "Are you my dopple ganger?" the boy look at her with confused eyes before the boy can even say a word she interrupted and said "No wait,yes my name is Cassandra but I don't think I'm the Cassandra you're looking for." the boy looked at her with suspicious eyes and the boy calmly said "Cassandra stop playing dumb you know well you can't escape your punishment." "punishment?" the boy sighed as if he was dealing with a toddler despite being in the same age Cassandra then shout at the boy "Hey stop treating me like I'm some kind of kid we have the same age!" the boy sighed again and the boy told her "Are you sure about that? look at the mess you've made you always do this everytime things don't go your way,sure were the same age but I am much more mature than you." Cassandra then inspect the room and widened her eyes what she saw was a disaster there was a huge mess around the room pillows were everywhere, glass objects were broken to pieces and broken toys was beside the door the boy was standing it looked like someone caused a tornado and a flood at the same time she then look at boy and ask "I did this...?" the boy look at Cassandra with dumbfounded face and said "I see your done with your tantrum I'm gonna call the maids to clean up the mess don't move an inch." he then close the door.Cassandra just stood near the mirror trying to analyze what happend she look at the window it was a sunny day birds were chirping and leaves were falling from the ground she ask herself "where am I?" she then heard a knock on the door "My lady it's me Marie and the other maids, we were send here by the young master." she thought to herself "My lady? am I some kind of daughter of a superstar or something?" while she was lost in thought she heard Marie's voice again "My lady is something wrong?" no first I should let them in "come in" the door slowly opened she then saw a maid with brown hair and dark brown eyes but it was not only her there were more maids entering the room.It was a total of 13 maids after each of them entered they stood in line and bowed towards Cassandra she was so shock her jaw dropped as if she saw a monkey sitting elegantly drinking tea and speaking with a british accent she then slowly closed her mouth in disbelief the maid with brown hair raised her head and said "My lady would you like to drink tea while we clean your room?" "tea?" the maid then smiled at her "yes my lady tea."

(Hello! Im new here and I do hope you like the first chapter im not very good at english so if there is a wrong grammar I apologise thank you for reading chapter 1! )

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