The Narcissist Villainess Book

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The Narcissist Villainess


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Cassandra D. Nefarious one of the most evil characters in the novel called "The holocaust mage" Cassandra died in the hand's of the female lead.And now I am Cassandra what am I going to do? I wanna live I don't wanna die again! I need to change my fate but I don't wanna cause a butterfly effect but wait a minute....why is this book here?! In this world?! Who reincarnated me in to this shitty world.I need to find out who was responsible for this I will find that person and ask that bastard why he or she reincarnated me into this world "whoever you are the writer or the one who reincarnate me in this novel watch out I'm coming for!" Author's Note:Yeah I'm bad at story description I am so sorry if this is bad all I am not a professional writer and this is my original work soo and about the book cover if you would like to take down the cover I would comply oh and there will be a wrong grammar in the story wrong spelling etc.English is not my first language I will change it from time to time and thank you.


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