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The Mythical Game


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There is a game called Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, it happened a thousand years ago, where monters appears and a huge monster called 'lord' . Many people believes that it is just a myth, they called it 'The Mythical Game'. But also few, believes that it is real. Well, there's no evidence that it really happened or a game— Mobile Legends: Bang Bang—exists. There are 2 group of friends—Legend Boys and Sweetie Girls. Legends boys are consists of 5 members: Alucard, Roger, Gusion, Hayabusa, and Estes. Alucard is the handsome and charming in the group, he is called "Prince Charming" in their campus. Roger, well, he is the serious one in the gang, he loves to talk about wolves, once he wish that he'll be a wolf when he's a kid. Gusion,the skilled one in swordfighting. He won many competitions in their country that it recieved his code name: Swordmaster. Next is, Hayabusa, the pure Japnese in the group. He is a skilled Swordmaster and a user of Shuriken. Many people calls him 'The Samurai', for he is good in using Japnaese weapons. He always wear his dark black face mask and jackey. And lastly, Estes, the leader of the gang. He have this long silk white straight hair. He have this beautiful eyes that will make every woman who passes him will be inlove of him. Sweetie Girls, well they consists of also 5 members: Miya, Layla, Lesley, Hanabi and Esmeralda. Miya, is the lady who is addicted to color Blue. She have also this long hair that reaches to her knees, but when it is tied into a ponytail it only reache on her waist. She won many competitions in Archery, about 130 trophies sine 1st Grade in Elementary. She is the only daughter of the President in the Country and a sister to a famous fashion designer in Paris. Layla, the girl who is obsessed in cannon balls. Because of her being addicted to canonn ball, her room is nearly filled with cannons. Her bed is designed inspired of a cannon balls. Lesley, the leader of the group who is very talented and skilled in Sniper and other guns. She is called "Sniper Wolf". Hanabi, is the Half chinese-japanese who loves to wear japanese outfits. And lastly, Esmeralda who is the black-beauty in the gang who loves to talk about astrologies. And she is nearly obsessed of it. The 2 groups were enemies. Miya vs Alucard, Layla vs Roger, Lesley vs Gusion, Hanabi vs Hayabusa and Esmeralda vs Estes. They really hate each other. Until, the both group found an ancient book in their school campus library that leads them to another world—the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Will they ever find a way to escape the world? Will they ever be friends? Or gain more hatred to each other? Now, the story begins of The Mythical Glory.