11 Unexpected

Today is the same as always. School, Training and meditating like i usually did.

And now I'm lying tiredly in the room after returning from my training session, it's 11 PM now.

Some training really needs money.

When i lived with my parents its really easy to save it from my pocket money given to me by dad.

But the use of money is different now since I'm living alone.

What should i do to get more money? my allowance is not enough for my training needs.

Should i do a part time job?

No... no... it will consume a lot of times for my training, i can send clone though, but what if there is an accident when it released automatically when i or my clone get into a really dangerous situation, it'll be trouble.

I really need to think about it properly, what should I do? it must be something that i can do myself.

Writing a novel?, drawing a Manga?

Thinking about it, its been so long since i drew anything from my past life. im not that in confident with my drawing.

About Novel, its not that time consuming like drawing Manga, and i can do it too with the help of my clones.

But how about the story i would make?

Should i plagiarize some stories from my previous world like some novels i had read before? i found nothing similar to it from this world.

Every kind of story in the entertainment medias in this world i found really are suck.

maybe im too tired to think right now, and I'm a little bit sleepy.


"Bam...!!" a really loud sound was heard from the outside that surprised me a little.

I stood up from the bed and slowly walking to check what happened outside.

I opened the door. then i find there a woman liying there and the Landlady trying to help her

"Yui Chan... are you okay? why are come back so drunk?" the old Landlady asked.


"Ahh... Arima Chan you are home?" Than landlady said to me who just arrived outside.

Then she asked me "she is so drunk, its rare for her to be like this, and she rarely go outside."

"Hmm, she is the one living nextdoor?" i asked.

"Yes.. she is Yoshimizu Yui Chan, your neighbor, you never met here before? ahh it's alright, can you please help me carry her to her room?"she said to me while asking me for help.

"Ok" i simply answered with a nod.

Then the Landlady opened the door with the key already placed there before she passed out.

Then i carried her on my back, then the Landlady take her thinks that was dropped on the ground.

then we get inside her house, her place is kinda bit messy inside, full of bookshelves and there is a big table in her living room and some papers scattered around.

"Where we'll put her?" i asked the Landlady.

"Just lie her on her bed, I'll open her room, wait."

Then we get her to her room, different from the living room, its a bit neat.

After lying her down on the bed i asked the Landlady "I'll leave first Aunty, I'm a bit sleepy"

"ok.. thank you for the help Arima Chan" she said while im leaving the room.

Before getting out of here house i checked her living room a little.

The bookshelves are full of Magazines and Mangas. ther are TV, sofa and freezer, and a big table and it seems actually for drawing manga.

[is she a manga artist?]

Then i checked some of the scattered papers on the floor.

[What the hell is this?! her?! really?! What the actual ****!!]

My mind just can't accept it.

So i left that place with a cold sweat.

Then i go back in to my house and head in to the room to sleep.

And i find it really hard to sleep after seeing that, my mind became so dirty.

After finally i can sleep.


6 AM, the clock rang, I'm still a little bit sleepy because i slept late last night.

Then prepare myself to go to school for the day.

I still can't believe what I'm seeing last night, that pretty woman actually...

[stop thinking abou it... stop this dirty mind of me]

Untill i finally can forget about it during school activities, but not after that.

It's been a week since i became a highschool student. so my class started like usual.

nothing special, everyone already got used with their classmates even there is an idol among them.

I sometimes do my job as vice of the clas rep carrying some books or paper to the teacher's office with her that invited jealousy from some of the boys in the school.

I'm not a really talkative, so iff there is no one asking me I'll stay quiet.

the school finally over, so its time to get back home.

After arriving home i readied myself to go for my training session, because i actually train myself outside the city by taking a train because its too far by running.


Then outside, someone knocked the door.

"who?" i asked while walking to the door.

I unlocked the door than open it, it's actually my neighbor that i helped last night Yui Yoshimizu San.

Then i said awkwardly "hello! can i help you?"

She replied awkwardly too "ahh im sorry... hmmm.. thank you for last night, Aunty Shu told me about what happened"

"It was nothing, you was so drunk last night" i said to her then continued "are you fine now?"

"yeah... sorry for disturbing you, my name is Yoshimizu Yui, i live next door, and yours?" she asked.

So i answered "I'm Sato Arima, nice to meet you Yoshimizu San."

"its nice to meet you, sorry for disturbing your time, I'll head back now" she said and ready to leave.

"its okay".


then she left and get in her house, i can hear the sound of her door closing.

[it's really was awkward, after seeing that last night]

She actually was a porn manga artist.