1 Sato Arima

its been 5 years since Arima got back my memory from his past life and got the knowledga of all Ninjutsu, and now he is now 10 years old 4 grade in elementary school.

some times he asked himself why did he needed to go to school again, its seems boring for him, but always ranked first in his class although it was nothing for him, he was an adult before ofcourse he got a perfect score in his class.

everyday he will train secretly, but still cant do some low rank Ninjutsu yet, because he really suck at how he try to control his chakra and trying to enlarge his chakra capacity, sometimes he asked himself why not wihed for a system like some system webnovel he had read in his previous life.

the sun was about to set, Arima just finished his afternoon physical training in his personal secret base on the jungle behind his house, its to go home.

after ten minutes, he finally home then take a bath then getting ready for dinner.

his mother Sato Haruhi asked him "how is school today?"

"nothing Special, school is so boring mom"

"dont say that, hmm Arima, do you have a dream?" his father Sato Arata asked him


"yeah dream, what you wanna be in the future, you must have a high dream, and to reach it you must go to school to study and learn" his mother continued

[dream huh... its not like i dont have one, i chose to reincarnated here because i wanna be a Ninja and a Hero and then i found out that this world almost the same with my old world, so troublesome] he sighed.

after the family dinner he go to his room an continue his daily meditation routine.

_ _ _ _ _

Toyoko city number 1 elementary schools, there is a student that is stood out from the rest of her friends, she have a cute face and love to stay alone, she was called the genius of her class.

she always thinking why she is here, dint she died at that time, did she reincarnated into parralel world.

that man, didnt he want to save her, why did they fall after that long speach of him about life to stop her, she dint realy know what happen, she woke up in this child's body when she is 5 years old.

[at least i can start a new, and not to fail in everythings like before, iff i ever find that man im gonna hit him realy hard.]

"ahchoo...!!" in the other place Arima suddenly sneezed.

"are u alright Sato-kun?" his teacher asked him "did you catch a cold? iff you don't feel realy well ...."

"its nothing teacher, im okay"

[i often sneezed like this since that time, its realy annoying iff i did it during meditation]

_ _ _ _ _

"ring... ring... ring..."

the bell ringed, its time to go home, ill skip my training today because my mom just gave a birth to her second child, a little sister of mine.

my neighbor escorted me to the hospital in Toyoko city 30 kilometers from Konoha village.

in my previous life i never had a sibling because my parents died when i was young in a traffic accident.

today im realy excited to meet my little sister, her name is Ayaka.

she is so cute an adorable, and now i become a big brother.

"onii-chan? hehe... sounds great."

okay i will still continue my training, because i wannabe stronger and protect my family.

day by day training his chakra control.


two years have passed and soon Arima will soon enter middle school, twelve years old and finaly able to use some E and D rank Jutsu successfully, but still cant climb a tree or wall or walk on water surface.

Kawarimi no jutsu (Substitution technique), Bunshin no jutsu (Clon technique), Henge no jutse (Transformation technique) and Sunshin no Jutsu (Body flicker technique)

it is not easy, learning Ninjutsu without a teacher or a handy system that can make you learn any technique instantly.

handseals practice, chakra quantity for its release, there are more to learn.

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