10 New School

It's been three days since i moved to this place, i never met any of my new neighbors yet because i bussied myself on training.

Today is the start of the school, i left the house and get to school by walking, because i promised Kenta and Erika that i will wait them at the school gate.

"Arima... you are waiting?" they asked me

"what took you so long? i think you wouldn't coming on the first day"

They arrived after seven minutes of me waiting, both of them no longer have the funny personality anymore since starting the Highschool, they both healed from their syndromes.

Miyazaki Kenta, a robust boy with a sturdy muscular body because he really love martial arts and obsessed with it since the middle school, he have a short black hair, a little slanted and sharp brown eyes, and his face is a little bit patchy and muscular, and arround 178cm in height, was the tallest student of our middle school, he is what we called strange macho guy. His parents ran a gym and both trainers at the gym.

and his neighbor and childhood friend Tomari Erika, she has a hobby of reading books about magic, and watching any magical girl anime that i never watched, her family was the loyal costumer of Kenta's family gym center. she have an orange ponytail and curls hair, clear blue eyes, round face with a little bit pointy nose and thin lips, she have a hobby that is cosplaying a magical girl.

they both still living with their parents in Southeast city so they get to school with a train together.

since it was the first day so we promised to meet at the entrance of the school.

next we will look what class we are in, so we entered the school gates to check our name on the list.

Actually we are at the same class, one G.

before the start of the school, we are Gathered in the school hall.

Headmaster giving a boring speach, and a speach from a representative of the new students, Moritaka Miharu San.

After her speach things got a little noisy before we got disbanded and go to our respective class.

something i heard from the other students is that Moritaka Miharu is one of the ICC Go! member or Miitan, and actually all of them enrolled in the school. and the three of them was in a different classes.

there are nine classes of first year students but actually the classes was not divided by rank like the second or third year classes.

Every classes have around thirty students in it. and the first year students divided by their registration times.

Central Toyoko First Highschool, only accepted 270 students every years. because it was a really a little far from home favorite school, my reasoning was accepted by my parents to live alone at central city.

we arrived at the class and choose our seat, i chosen the window side seat, second row from the back.

Kenta chosen the one behind me and Erika beside of him and beside mine is still empty because we only knew each other and don't know the other classmates yet.

and not long after the last of our classmate came, and try to find a seat only to find an empty side beside of me, her name is Arisawa Mina.

finally my classmates realized that she was actually Minamina from ICC go! the class become a little bit noisy because everyone one wants know her.

At first she seems a little bit depressed because her friends was in other classes, then become cheerful again after conversing with the other classmates.

After fifteen our homeroom teacher finally arrived, miss Aizawa Hikari a history teacher. she has a little curled loose black hair 168 height, the later known as the most beautiful teacher by the students, she is 24 years old and single, that make some male students will be fantasizing her on their dreams.

there are no lessons fo today so we will firstly introduce ourselves then selecting our class representative.

"lets first introduce ourselves, my name is Aizawa Hikari, you can call me miss Aizawa or my first name Miss Hikari, im your homeroom teacher and a history teacher, nice to meet you." she introduced herself then " starting from that side, please introduce yourself" she said while pointing to hew left side at the front line seats.

everyone introduced theirselfs as I can't still remember their names yet until it was my turn.

"My name is Sato Arima, i come from Konoha village outside of Toyoko, please get along with me well and nice to meet you all" i introduced myself, nothing special but.

"woah... you are from Ninja village? it's cool man, do you now Shadow?" someone asked me then everyone looked at me.

i was speacless, then someone asked again "are you also trained to be a Ninja too, i heard everyone there are do ninja training?"

so i answered "yeah im still an amateur Ninja martial arts practitioner, im still not good yet, and I don't know of any Shadow living there".

enough with my introduction then it's for the next student to introduce.

"My name is Arisawa Mina, everyone called me Minamina, pleased to meet you all" she introduced herself simply.

everyone gave her a round of applause, then continued again until the last closed by Kenta.

"My name Miyazaki Kenta, just call me Kenta like Arima, my family owned a gym at Southeast city, pleasure to meet you all." Kenta tried to attract his classmates to the gym.

then Miss Aizawa continued "next, we will discussing for our class representative, who are willingly to become our class rep? please raise your hands!"

there are no one raised their hands, so the class became silent.

"how about you choose someone you thinks suitable become our class rep?" Miss Aizawa asked.

then someone from the front row stands up and asked miss Aizawa "how about Arisawa Mina San Sensei? she is an idol, so she will be perfect to be our class rep."

than Miss Aizawa asked "are you willing Arisawa San"

Arisawa Mina just nod her head and everyone agreed that she is really suitable as class rep.

"next we need for three more people to become a vice representative, a secretary and a class financial treasurer." Miss Aizawa asked.

then Kenta stood up and said "how about we three Sensei? Me, Arima and Erika because we sat close to each other so we can help each other easily. i will be secretary, Arima the vice and Erika as treasurer"

after that everyone agreed, but I'm silently complained to Kenta, why did he brought me up too, but he told me that our seats are close so we must help each other.

then we have more free time for the day to communicate with each other and befriend each other.

the neighbor seat to me got really crowded and some came to me, their questions on me are everythings about Ninjas thing or the mytical Ninja that was so hot nowadays.

everyone looks cheerful because they have new friends untill it was the time for going home.

i find a hidden place so i can flicker away to go home and prepare for my training.

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