8 Lets Dance

The lights on

"Everyone stay on thir ground! dont move! this is an attack, we are TITS Organization!" one of a terrorist member announced with a headset on on the stage.

everyone panicked.

then "bang..bang..bang.." the sound of a machine gun souned Then everyone was like glued on their place silently.

"keep your voices! everyone will be released iff the ministry of Honin agree with our Organization terms and give us what we want"

everyone was silent and afraid

"Now lets all wait for them to satisfy us, or letting them you all reduced one by one untill they agreed"

on the stand Arima checked his surrounding, to make a plan to change his costume. then find a right moment to leave unnoticed by his classmates, he shifted his body little by little

[now] he flickered so fast, that no one noticed.

he finally find and empty room to change, and make a plan.


he tried to locate the terrorist, and anyone who have a gun.

[Seventy one inside some of them disguised as civilian spreaded on every places from the beginning and fifty with their uniforms and twenty four outside, so much... i must be careful, im lucky that i learned this jutsu before, so i must disarm them first]

"Doton: Iwagakure no Jutsu"


thirty minutes passed.

"Now we finally got connected, lets we watch them, and how they make a decision while watching your fate, hahaha!" the terrorist on stage spoke and pointed at the big screen of the stage background "now the real concert of us begin"

"kiiiii...." the sound of the sound system ringing so loudly, that made everyone close their eyes.

??? "sorry everyone, but you terrorists are really unlucky"

the terrorist on the stage yelled "who is that?"

??? "me? I'm Batman? ahh sorry again not that, not Batman, i mean you can call me Shadow a Shinobi"

"Batman? Shadow? Shinobi? you mean Ninja?"

Shadow said "yes... a Ninja, so can we begin?"

The terrorist asked again "begin what?"

Shadow " lets dance!"


"Boom..." there is a something just landed on the stage, black outfit, face mask, Leaf head protector with a strange glowing red eyes Sharingan.

everyone was surprised.

"what the **** ?!"

Shadow standing up an said while pointing at the terrorist with his left hand's middle finger "so... lets count up your sins!" (Kamen Rider Double reference) of course Arima changed his voice so no one can recognize his normal voice.

then the terrorist awkwardly spoke "do you think you are cool? there are so many of us here and some disguised and spreaded here, and everyone have a gun with them, do you think you can do anything?"

still holding a mic Arima asked " oh, really?"

then one of the the terrorist holding a rifle shouted "hey i lost all my ammo and magazine"

"Me too, aah what happen? its on me before"


the Shadow said "luckily i have enough time disarming you all, so who know where are those now"

then Arima looked into the main camera and said " Mr. Prime Minister, are you watching? do what you must do to them now, everythings here all are secured, thank you and be careful"

and then he said "you cant escape from here unlest you all defeated me"

"everyone! what are you waiting for?! kill this man" the terrorist yelled.

"come! let's dance!" Shadow getting ready with a simple stance.

then the terrorist inside running from all side to the stage outside running from the entrance to fight, everyone just given them a way to let them past, they are afraid to join the fight, so they just move a little to open a path for the terrorist.

everyone of the terrorists just grab anything what can be used as a weapon as their guns no longer can be fired.

at the time they hit Shadow, they just feel hitting an air. Arima flickered so they lost the track of him.

"where is him?" they asked.

"here" said Shadow

and they come again.

"wait! wait! wait!" Shadow said and they stopped.

"there are so many of you, its not fair, so how about ...?" then Shadow crossed his fingers.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu..."

There was seen puff of smokes then they see 12 Arima, since he unlocked one tomoe Sharingan his Chakra became doubled so Twelve was his limit.

"now i have a helping hand, come..." all Shadows spoke simultaneously.

Then the fight begin.


Somewhere else.

"reporting in sir, the situation outside is under control, and we got nine casuality among us with three dead and six was heavily injured, we killed sixteen of them and fourteen was arrested ten of them were heavily injured, their leader here is now being interrogated" a soldier came in and reported.

"good... lets see what will happen then there, now send a backup there! and bring that Shadow here!" someone with greyish hair and neat mustache with grey suit and glasses who looks dignified ordered the army.

"sir yes sir!"

then someone beside the grey suit asked "Prime minister, what do you think about this Shadow? why we must listen to him?"

"nothing, just intuition, he never showed up since 2 years ago, i remembered that news, he saved everyone in that bank robbery, i just can remember it because its uniqueness." the Minister told the man beside him. "just watch him first".

"imagine iff he can teach his technique to the army, our country will no longer afraid of any foreign military power, he can even disarmed so many of enemies in a short moment" the man beside Prime Minister with a green suit and hat with grey bushy mustache said.

"Mr. Minister of Foreign Minister look, there are so many of Shadows, at least we can invite one of them here." the Prime Minister said while pointing to the screen.

Meanwhile in the Stadium all the terrorists are all has been knocked up.

Then one of Shadow said "there is more, you all that disguised yourself as civilian please come to the stage, i already marked you all, so iff not I'll come to you, there are twenty one more of you there, so come here and put your hands up!"

There are seventeen of them coming, so Arima send four of his Shadow Clones to them then the clones flickered to them then throw them onto the stage with a flicker.

then two clones came with a ropes on them, then one of Shadow ordered them to tie theirself there.

not long after the armies and police officers finally arrived, then twelve of Shadows flickered. only one Shadow remained with his Sharingan still active, and everyone closer to the stage can see from the stage that only one Shadow has glowing red eyes, the one that arrived first before twelve other Shadows came to aid and the last one to leave to contact the officers, everyone cheered the name of Shadow.

"Shadow... Shadow...!"

then an army then approached Arima.

"thank you for your help Sir Shadow, Prime Minister told us that he wanted to meet you, so please come with us" then a police officer came then put a handcuff on him.

Everyone was muted because of surprise by the turn of even "no way".

then Shadow said "I'm sorry officers, but im too tired" then Shadow was gone with a puff of smoke.

everyone was dumbfounded.

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