2 Daily Live

monday 6 AM, the alarm rings.

"Arima... wake up, time to go to school... Arima..."

"five more minutes mom..."

the day begin.

I'm seven grade middle schooler now, ok its time for my boring school life.

its school again, i realy hate it now, i really dont like math like i used before even in this life.

my middle school is on South East side Toyoko city, so i go to school with my dad every morning.

Toyoko city of Honin Country is realy big, so i never adventured the whole citt before.

the day start just like that.

there are several students that are realy close to me, my childhood friend Nana, and the two that i called the duo chuunibyo Kenta the self proclaimed Dao Cultivator Emperor Primordial Mad (Snail) King and Erika a Demon Magician called the Demon Queen of Apocalypse, I can't be called chuuni too right, they both even called me Imperial Emperor of Divine Shadow, im a self proclaimed Shinobi and i can use Ninjutsu though, but its a secret.

this year there an event, that is the debut of the new trio teenage girls idol group called Ichiban Choco Caramel Go!! (ICC Go!!) that is loved by everyone.

(AN: Ichigo/strawberries, Chocolate and Caramel i dont know what to name it but its sounds cute, and one of the members actually our main heroine, everyone's idol Miitan dayo, inspired by Kamen Rider Build but her name is not Misora but her real name is a secret now)

i dont really care, but my classmates really love them.

after school i have a extra curricular for Basketball that i really loved since before, and go home at 6 PM and wait my dad to pick me up after his office job was done.

nothing changed from my daily training routine.

even after this long i only can use some E and D rank Ninjutsu and my hardly trained Katon: Goukakyu no Jutsu (Fire release: Great Fire Ball Technique) that i trained near a river deep inside the forest nearby Konoha Village, and Scroll sealing technique.

its time to train my Chakra control to climb a tree. the training was really hard and harsh.

to be a great Shinobi we must train from the basics right?

i can tell it that my training is only for fun, i can never use it in my life. never have an actual action before, everythings seems peaceful nowadays.

for Taijutsu i can train with villagers that are actually loved Ninjas and martial arts too, like my dad or my neighbors, well i need to hold myself to not hurt them.

because i have my Chakra control, im realy strong for my age and fast, that why the duo Chuunis realy admired me because they often met me in some hidden place after my flicker test.

I have my custom made Ninja suit that i made secretly, Konoha head protector, black suit, black face cover, secretly ordered black vest and metal guards for my Arms and feet.

i saved them in a scroll that i made using a combination of Good Paper and a waterproof cloth, its really hard to find a good material s for it.

i need 7 months just to find a suitable paper, for weapons like shuriken and kunai i can buy it at Konoha village smith then hone it myself and save it in the scroll, because i must be prepared for the unknown trouble.

afterall we can never know when this peaceful life can be Disturbed by some bad people, o dont realy want it, but i realy want some action.


Friday 3 AM, the school end fast, no extra today, so Arima and his friends go to a bookstore after school.

Nana, Kenta and three other friends go together, they are now second grade or eight grade of middle schooler.

Arima " what kind of book do you wanna buy today Kenta?" [im sure it was some Xianxia Novel or comic]

Kenta "i need a new manual for my Dao cultivation, can u suggest me?"

Nana shook her head and muttered "eww disgusting chuuni"

Arima gigled "i have no idea"

Kenta "come on man, please tell me ur secret art, i need some movement technique to be as fast as you"


"hey look, that poster of ICC Go!! wow they look so cute" one of Arima friend Ryuta pointed at the poster in front of the store beside the bookstore.

"like Mikachan the most, but Miitan and MinaMina are cute too" Yusuke one of them answered.

then the last one Yuuto "i like Miitan the most, because she is smart, people called her the genius idol Miitan".

Nana "this tree... enough fanboying guys, lets go, Arima... what book you wanna buy?"

"dont know, I'll see later" [maybe just window shopping]

the six of them enters the bookstore...

"furm..... skith....!!"

the loud sound of a van brake was heard outside the shop.

six man with a black leather jackets with their face covered get of the car and hurriedly enters the bank 30 meters from across the street of the bookstore.

then many people screaming and running was heard outside.

inside the bookstore look so peaceful with an ICC Go! Music playing in the store, they dont know yet what happened nearby.

not long after the song was off, police sirens was heard.

Arima and his friends get outside, and see the situation outside the store.

it was a robbery.

[should i do something? or let the police handle it?]

Arima silently leaves his friends, and to some small gang, he take out his scroll.

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