6 Bear the Pain

its been a week since i returned from Chensi, and two more weak before my highschool term begin, so i will use this time ti train more.

i was accepted in Central Toyoko Highschool, and its too far for my dad to get me there every morning.

so i told them i would like to live alone and become more independent.So that way i can train more easily without being found out by anyone.

Maybe i need to train on Kage Bunshin first, so i can let my clone to go to school while i train.

but the problem is there, the moment i release my clone that long time, my head hurt so much because of the memory flaw.

i cant feel it iff its just a moment for a clone, but whenever i tried to make 5 clones, i became really weak and at the time i released it, i get my energy but become a little dizzy, no wonder it was one of the forbidden Jutsu.

"how can that whiskers boy did so many, he got a huge Chakra, but its after effects?"

i thinks it's because i trained my body a little, but never train my pain tolerance.

it was 9 AM in the morning.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!!"

i made only one.

"you go run to Toyoko Center, then release yourself ther!"

"ok" then my clone left.

I continued to meditate and do some physical training then meditate again untill noon then i can feel my head hurt a little and feel a surge of memories, i can feel the tiredness of my clone.

"It's time to go back home, lets continue tomorrow."

then i continue my routinity and go to sleep.


At the gate of Mount Myoboku.

"Gamataro. old sage want to meet you?" Shima told her son, your dad will meet you there too.

"thanks mom, I'll go there immediately"

In the old toad sage hall

"Hiro, your son is already back, i realy cant stand your wife's naging"

"I can understand you Old Sage, sorry i cant do anything about that" Hiro respond to old sage.

then there is a knock on the door.

"enter!" old sage spoke.

then Gamataro get in the hall to meet Old sage Gamamaru.

the old sage asked him " who are you again?"

Gamataro sweat dropped, and his father answered "he is, my son Gamataro, please remember you called him here"

"im home dad, old sage" Gamataro bowed.

" ohh Gamataro, Hiro and Shima's Son, are your parents alright, what are they doing now?"

the father and son sweat dropped.

then old sage continued "Taro... wellcome home, your journey to human world maybe tiring you, what did you found there?"

"its... the air was really toxic there, and i cant understand their language Great Sage" Gamataro answered.

The old Sage asked again "did you meet someone on your journey?"

"yes... i meet a human child, he can speak our language, and know about us, i find his Chakra stronger than other human i saw, we talk alot, and before we parted he gave me this" Gamataro showed up the special Kunai.

Then the old Sage continued "that was an interesting story, Gamataro... put that thing in the entrance of our Myoboku Mountain, that place was better for it"


It's been a week, and Arima is still focused on training to master his Shadow Clone Technique, day by day the effects was reduced by a little.

Now the the limit of Clones are 6, he must focused on it because his future training depends on it.

He can't just abandone his school for his parents happiness.

"huh... its too fast for me to learn Hiraishin early just because it was my favorite Jutsu"

even iff the knowledge about jutsus are in his head, but to use it need a realy long practice.

Lying in the ground after a day of training, he tried to channel his Chakra to his eyes.

"Only able to youse byakugan, when will i be able to awaken my Sharingan?"

ha sat down in the ground trying to figure out how to awaken his eye.

[its just not the chakra control, the Uchiha got an emotional breakdown when they gain theirs that give stimulation to their eyes. maybe i can try it my past life memory, the most heartbreaking moment was?]

he tried to remember, what was the heartbreaking moment in his past life.

his dad died when he was in elementary school because of kidney failure, then his mother when he is 24 years old because of heart attack, but remembering that did nothing to awaken his eyes.

26 years living a single life, without a lover, and died to save a girl that he even failed to save, nothing happened.

"why am i single for all of my life? its not like I can't find one, its just i can't move on from..."

then he remembered something.

"dont get close!"

"please don't do this... remember your family, they will be sad"

"no one cared about me, no one can listen to me"

there is a girl standing at the edge of highschool rooftop.

"i care about you, please come"

"what do you care, you cant even understand my feeling, you just only pitied me"

"you are... no...!"

the girl jumped.

that was a girl he love during his second years of highschool, bullied by her female friends, her parents that are too headstrong for her.

she ended her live in front of him by jumping from the rooftop of 4 story building. she died after reaching a hospital.

that time he regreted that he can't stop her and tell his feeling for her, but its too late.

tears fall, his chakra become unstable and surged up, his eyes become painful.

he close his eyes and screamed then passed.

the cold wind of the night in the forest wake him.

"Why did im sleeping here? that time...? its not like i can meet here anymore, and I'm not in that world too anymore, i better head back"

2 AM he arrived home, get in from his room window, then looked into the mirror.

"why i still feel so sad about that time? didn't i already moved on?"

Then he try to channel Chakra to his eyes, but still byakugan.

"my eyes feel so hurt before, maybe more chakra, but before nothing changed"

He tried to channel more Chakra and close his eyes untill it feels a little itchy.

He open his eyes and was surprised.

"finally... one tomoe?

Finally he feels some joys in this life.

"its so late, better go to sleep" and sighed "i cant even bear the pain when its awakened so i passed out for so long".

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