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The Myth: Shinobi 10.000 AN


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What if our MC reincarnated in Naruto world but Ten thousand years after Naruto's timeline? Sato Arima, in his pat live he died trying to help a girl that wanted to commit suicide but only to fall together and died. he was reincarnated in Naruto world, but there is something he did not expected. it was Naruto World ten thousand years after while there is no more Shinobi. he get the knowledge off all Ninjutsu in his head, but its useless to know the textbook teory withot any practice and experience. the MC dont have a System unknown to him the girl he tried to save actually reincarnated in that world too but without the cheat like him the girl that never followed Naruto manga or anime, but only knew the name and the picture of the main character Naruto, how she will even know in what world she is now. there will be some characters that alive since Naruto's era that we will meet (more than eight) just guess who are they, and some changes on their personality and look will to suit it with this new era. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx enjoy reading, feel free to comment if you have any suggestions for the story, that will be helpful and sincere thanks to you. I'll keep updating in my free time, stay tuned. and WARNING!! contained of a lot af bad English grammar! sorry, I'll study for more improvement for a better writing... i never get a 100 points for my mother language? i learned four languages, dont expect me to be so good.


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