The Mystery Of Autumn Valleys : An Undisclosed Hunt Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Mystery Of Autumn Valleys : An Undisclosed Hunt


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Emily Willson lives a normal life and is nothing special (or as she thought so) until her parents insists her to spend the summer vacation on an Island - Autumn Valleys . She has two best friends Aastha Sihan and Mia Harley with whom she unfolds a family secret , mingles with the timeline and ultimately, Emily finds herself deeply in love with a boy named Liam O'Brien . Will time allow her to keep loving Liam or will she have to hope for a better future. Keep reading to go on an adventure with three teenage girls. If you crave for some long lasting mystery with a hint of romance , give it a go ! Filled with tantrums of teenagers , some deep conversations , the ignition sparks of a pure and beautiful love mixed with historical references and destiny already written . The protagonist along with her friends is in for an experience worth the time and wait as she unravels the prophecy a hundred years ago . ●▪︎●▪︎●▪︎●▪︎●▪︎●▪︎●▪︎●▪︎●▪︎●▪︎●▪︎●▪︎●▪︎●▪︎●▪︎●▪︎●▪︎●▪︎●▪︎● The beasts have found their masters .  The elements their controllers .  The spiritual guides their keepers .  And the ISLAND their savers .  Chosen by 'someone' .  Who they would never find out .  Until the secret lives .  In the glow of brilliancy .  For something as old as time  sang as old as rhyme . 

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