1 No choice

'the weather is beautiful today. I love this ride up this mountain to the look out. It is almost as if it gets better every year.'

john rode on his motorcycle up the mountain to the peak like he did ever so often. he did not need to worry about when and where he goes as he inherited 20 million dollars from his parents. ever since then he has enjoyed the freedom to do whatever he wants wen ever he wants. within reason of course and he loved every minute of it if you tried to take his freedom he would rather die. so, he never got married or had any relations at all because they came with obligations and affairs.

he pulled up to the lookout and saw that tar was a Feld trip today from the local school having a picnic. he had nothing against kids so he decided to sat on a bench and watch out over the vast valley. it was almost 300 feat up. he noticed that the teacher was not paying attention and the kids wear getting dangerously close to the ego pf the cliff. he got up and walked over to yell at the kids boat he startled them causing one of them to start to fall backwards. without even thinking he grabbed the kid and swung around the kid was saved but be was falling.

' I am dying and all I can think about is this ends my freedom. no more long rides dispersing fore weakest on end and no more drinks with strangers. why did I have to get involved I could have just pointed it out to that teacher. it would not have happened if I just Stayed away.'

thought was his last touted before he hit the ground. then everything went black.

"so I think I am dead" he stated out loud only to realize that if he can spike he must not be dead. but he can't see and can't feel which poetess to Bing dead. " am I dead "

"no" he heard a voice that almost sounded mechanical and indecent.

"are you god"

"no agen I am a grate and powerful building" as he said this a flash of light appeared in john's eyes and he saw a towering black tower plated with gold and silver and some other paints that glower like neon. it seemed as it stretched to the sky and was round with one big door and no widows.

john just stared blankly not knowing what to say as if a cat hade his tong. as if knowing he had no idea as to what to say the voice came agent and in a voice, that was as if trying to hide emotion began to speak.

"So you died wood you like another chance all you have to do is open my doors and you can have another chance. I must warn you it may be a fate worse than death. it will be difficult because I have 100 doors and the requirement to open will get harder and harder. if you take too long between opening doors you will suffer a fate worse than depth and be forced to stay in the tower and one with the tower. but the rewords fore opining my doors are worth it as you can become unraveled . so how about it "

" na I think I will pass. thanks, but it feels like I wood no longer have my freedom"

" hahahah to bad. you don't have a choice. as to your freedom after you open my doors your freedom will be unriveted. we are running low on time so just listen because you won't be a ball to hear me until you open the first door to the tower. to open the first door, you need to lure about your new world and you will only have a month to open the first door to the tower. I will see you then don't make me wait too long."

'why ask if you aren't going to give me a choice' john thought as the world was turning black agen. ' well might as will try getting my freedom sounds grate'


an unknown amount of time later


the sun was so bright it almost burned john's eyes when he finely opened them. he looked at himself and he was covered in burses. he thought and sum random nonage came to mind. he was not on earth but he did not know what this place was called. he had a name in his head that fore sum resion he keyed thinking was he own. he thought 'I must be called bo bao '. when he thought about how he got hear he remembered that the previous owner of the body was weak could not get stronger. was not smart. spent most of his time just watching a lake. he would often be beaten because of this bye other kids of his family which was a middle close family called the bao family. to which he was the 6th sum. well he was thinking about his new life he resaved the last and final thought of the body he now resided in " I died because I tried to stop some of the children in the family from running the lake which I love I ask not for you to get revenge but rather four you to protect this lake"

" I promise on my future freedom to protect this lake"

"thank you " that was the last words of a dead man

' I shod do everything I can to fulfill this dying wish of a dead man. even though it coursed him his life he still protected this lake that provided him comfort.'

first thing is first ii need to start getting nonage so that I do get trapped in that tower then I wood relay louse my freedom. I don't have access to thaw library because I never showed interest and so I must ask for a pass to get in.

" stupid tower why did you have to make me do thing " bo yelled to the sky

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