379 Ouyang Feng Has His Eyes Set On Fu Zhi

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The only person who did not feel any remorse for her actions was Mu Chenxi. She thought about Pure Feather's reason for refusing to cooperate with the Mu Family.

She had said that someone from the Mu Family had offended her. At the time, she had told her father that it was Fu Zhi who had spoken ill of them in front of Pure Feather, but her father had rejected the idea. 

However, right after the delivery man confirmed that it was because of Fu Zhi that Pure Feather had decided to donate the books to No.1 High School, she was certain that Fu Zhi must have interfered with the cooperation between them and Pure Feather.

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'How dare you, Fu Zhi! Not only did you destroy Chuwan's future, but now you're coming after my family?!'

If she told her father about this, she was certain that her father would not let Fu Zhi off the hook so easily this time..

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