1 Why Do I Live?

The different worlds…

There are the galaxies…

How small was the Earth?... How small are we?...

Before... I was thinking and asking… how unfair is the world to me?

Why am I still alive? Asking why am I alive without anything to do in this life?

There are billions of galaxies in the whole universe and...

There is the galaxy where is the Earth located.

Where are the people living for no reason?

I'm here in the ground of that world.

I'm a girl that doesn't have a choice in life.

I'm Jahzara Claire Nishimura, I'm 17 years old girl. I am in grade 11 here at the university and for your information, I'm not rich, I'm just a scholar here.

"JAHZARA!!!" Karylle shouted as she runs towards me.

"Didn't I tell you, not to call me using that name anymore." I smote her head. She is my friend. She is Karylle Blue she was so kind to me. A girl like her was more generous than me.

"HI! KARYLLE," A mam said as he walks towards her.

"Who is that?" I mumbled looking at her with curiosity in my eyes questioning her what's going on.

"I don't know, let's go." She ignored me and here she goes again denying that she doesn't know who this guy is.

"Hey! Wait!"

"STOP! KARYLLE!" I shouted while she was dragging me through the hall. I smote her head again as she stops from dragging me.

"OUCH!" She complained as she rubs her head.

"That's your fault," I said.

"Hey You! Come here!" I let the man come over us as he was staring towards us. He came over and he just stand in front of us without saying anything.

I clearly look at him and bluntly ask "Do you know her?"

"Yeah. She is Karylle Blue, right?" He answered.

"How did you know her? Where did you meet her?" I asked.

"Yesterday, I saw her walking alone in the street and I saw someone following her." He said.

"FOLLOWING HER?!" I exaggerated in anger. Who was the person following her again?

"Yes." He said as he smiles innocently and as I look at this woman.

"Jahzara, why are you looking at me like that? For your information I am the victim here." I asked as my voice turn anxious.

"Brother, when did this happened? And do you know who was the one going after her?" I asked.

"It happened last Friday. I think he is Jay Reyes," The guy said as I look at her.

"Thank you for your help." I said as I let him go to turn to my friend.

"Let's go and talk." I said to Karylle as I pulled her into a corner.

"What did he do to you? Why is that guy following you again?" I asked.

"N-nothing Claire." she said.

"Nothing huh?" I said.

"Karylle, there is two days for you to tell me. If I saw him, I will kill that man." I said.

"Karylle, you know why I'm worried there's a lot of people died because they are killed by their boyfriend." I said.

"I know, but Jay won't do that to me." She said.

"What?! Are you serious? He hurt you again and again." I asked as I look at my watch and saw that we are going late. How is this fool still think that Jay won't hurt her?

"Never mind. Let's go, we're going to be late in the class, our teacher will kill us again." I said as I let out a sighed and run with her.

If something happens to this girl. I will lose someone again in that time. I won't have any reason to live if she leaves me.

*My Boss's Home*

"Claire, clean the whole house. I will have visitors make sure that there wasn't even a single dirt in this house." My boss said. Is your visitor a clean freak? Even you don't take a shower every day.

"Yes, Ma'am," I said just do everything so that I can go home early today.

"Claire, what did you do to my clothes?!" She said as she walks towards me and...


She slaps me she is the daughter of my boss they are both violent until now.

"We're the one who pays you. Why can't you do something as simple as cleaning clothes?" She asked again

"Ma'am that was okay earlier and that clothes don't look like that when I delivered it them to your room." I said.

"So, what do you want to say by that huh?" She asked as she slapped me again.

"Are you telling me that I am a liar? I'm going on a date with someone tomorrow, now can I asked you what I would wear?" She said and slapped me again. I am counting every slap that she throws on my face.

After I finish washing clothes, washing dishes, cooking, and cleaning the house. I go to our little home. But I never expected that when I get home, I will see my mother crying at the side.

"Mom, what happened?" I asked.

"The ship where Uncle is… It had an accident and there's a lot of people who died and one of them is… Uncle." My older sister said as my tears fall down my cheeks as I go towards my Mom and hug her. We have no relatives here and it was only my Uncle who took care of us since young.

Why is it happening to us? Is this the reason why he hasn't called us? He became our dad and a good brother for mother.

He was my mother's brother who chooses to take care of us, then getting married to the one he loves.

"Miss Nishimura?" Someone called knocking at the gate of our house.

"Yes?" My mom run out of the gate while wiping her tears by her hands.

"Are you Miss Lia Nishimura?" The guy asked.

"Yes." My mom answered quickly.

"There's a delivery for you Ma'am," The guy said.

"Just leave it there." My Mom said as my Mom get the box, my sister and I help her carry the box.

We opened the box and saw a letter as I give it to my Mom.

Lia's POV:

"Mom there's a letter, here." Claire said.

Claire gave me a letter that was from the box.

"Older Sister, I know that when you receive this letter I already died. In the box, there was money there. I know that it's just a little money, but I hope it can help you and help my niece. Older Sister we leave the house at such a young age. We manage to live a life that we want than how our parents plan for us. I just want to say that thank you for everything, thank you for taking care of me in this life. Older Sister, Older Brother-In-Law is waiting for you to come out, he is searching for you this whole time. I told him not to because I know that you don't want to see him or neither to be with him because of what he did to you and your daughters. But I hope someday you can forgive him; Older Sister please don't be too much stubborn anymore. Forgive him and give him a chance to explain I saw through him that he loves you so much. I hope you two will be okay soon for the little two princesses on your side." This little guy has the guts to write me a letter like this your stubborn little brother you make your Older Sister hate herself I said as my tears fall one by one on my hand.

"Mom, are you okay?" Claire asked.

"Why are you crying, Mom?" Kyline asked.

"Your Uncle was so stubborn I told him not to write me a letter if he ever die. Because if something bad that he says on the letter I can't smite his head because he said something not right," I said.

"Mom, why are you joking like that?" the two of them laugh at me.

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