1 Meet the foxes

Hello I'm Ahri the oldest fox. I'm born with these powers, I never had a normal live I really wish I had a normal life before these powers but hey you can't have it all. Also I'm 18.

Hi I'm Galaxia the most powerful and most useless fox. My powers don't do much except for beating up people. I had a boring life before I got these powers and honestly I love my powers the changed my life completely. Also I'm 15, I never finished school because off my powers of course.

Hello I'm Loesy and I'm Loesinda we are twins. Are powers are not dat powerful but it's ok we don't like much responsibility anyway. We are 14, we also did not finish school because ya powers.

Ahri POV

Now dat you know who we all are you are probably wondering: wat is so mysterious about us four? Well we all keep are past and looks a secret. If we are in public we disguise are selfs too look like normal humans. Also people think we are evil because off how powerful we are says Galaxia. Yes the do. All because off the previous foxes.