The Murder Game: The Mask of Liars
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The Murder Game: The Mask of Liars


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What is The Murder Game: The Mask of Liars

Read The Murder Game: The Mask of Liars novel written by the author RJMidnight on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Horror&Thriller stories, covering horror, game, murder, memoryloss, liar. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


One dead body. Seven people. And one murderer. The seven people are locked inside a building together. In the middle of the room lay a dead body that they all know but do not remember. The occupants have to play a game to regain their memories while finding out who the murderer is. Liam: The arrogant CEO "I have too much paperwork to have the time to commit a murder. It wasn't me." Taylor: The teenage outcast "People always say it is the quiet one, but I am too much of a loner to interact with anyone. It wasn't me." Lilian: The art teacher "I would never hurt anyone or anything! It wasn't me." Catherine: The jock "I am all about sports; why would I ruin my full-ride scholarship with murder? It wasn't me." Kevin: The nerd "I barely go out and only care about learning. It wasn't me." Elrick: The computer programmer "I am always surrounded by my friends when I am not at work. It wasn't me." Alan: The little boy "I am a child. I-It wasn't me." Who is the killer?


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I'm loving the mental games going on between the different characters. Kind of reminds me of Twelve Angry Men (being stuck in one room and trying to reach a consensus) and Death Parade (random people being forced to play a game with limited memories). Fun to read so far. Just a few grammatical mistakes, but it overall reads well and gets the suspense right. Introducing so many characters can be difficult, but even with just 3 chapters, I have a good feeling about each of them. Looking forward to more and figuring out who the killer is!


An interesting mashup of Saw meets Agatha Christie meets The Weakest Link. A few grammatical errors, but I'm curious to see where this goes.


I like how you write horror and thriller moment in this one. Its simple and neat, that I can understand immediately without thinking to much. As soon as you read, the mystery already started.


Its an interesting premise and I like the characters different emotional perspectives. Though there are a fee grammatical errors, it doesn't confuse the reader. I wish you the best on your book Author 👍


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