1 The begining of everything

At the beginning of time known, before his death he was, a simple 45-year-old worker with no aspirations to climb, no possibility of success, no talents, there was nothing that had his reach.

One day the road step by step tired, a long day tired of life, he had to work, he had to give the money to his family, a practically boring life.




40 years passed in the blink of an eye, he was finished, his wife abandoned him, his children hated him, but he always received everything with a smile, he had the affection, love and dedication but nobody appreciated him.

His life had been a complete failure, he could change the world but society did not accept him, he treated him as useless they treated him as a waste, they did not give him anything, he had no affection in his life he had hundreds and hundreds of opportunities to give a new one light to this planet called earth, But life was so unfair to him.

On his deathbed he thought and yearned to have a life which would create a family, an army or simply live a fantastic adventure, like that one of the stories he had read as a child, he did not know what future something so great would hold for him, something so enormous that people would be afraid of his presence of his name, his attitude, elegance and love, he had nothing to lose after all, what would await this poor worker, this poor soul that was abandoned.

Seconds, minutes, hours, months passed and so he died because of loneliness and sadness, he had everything to succeed, he remained internally, with a sadness on the inside but a big smile on the outside, he thought about everything he lived, while tears ran down his cheeks, he said goodbye to this world happily with his, everyone would feel sorry for this poor soul, his life full of injustice, he could not do anything, he was not strong like the Hulk, he was not someone as fast as flash, he was not someone Like Superman, he was just an ordinary person.





At the moment of closing his eyes, his soul and body changed to another part, his appearance that of a 7-year-old boy, white hair like the moon, eyes as clear as the sky in their most vivid splendor, he thought he was in paradise, He practically did not know that his near future was a little painful a little sad, he looked around, but all he found was a dark room as dark as the night itself.

He felt that he was in hell, but he wished he had been in it, he did not know that he was going to suffer what night after night was going to cause him great pain that would make his own body and existence writhe in pain, the only thing he achieved Listening in a few minutes was a few small steps, he concentrated and managed to see several young people with him, but perhaps they had been transported along with him, or were they simple words carried by the wind.

He thought he was in a hospital but it was not like that, inside another room several scientists and people in suits saw those young people who were in that dark room, each one of them in the room with cameras, they had the purpose of exploiting the maximum potential of those bodies that resonated with energy, joy and love, they had planned to experiment, initiated by dismembered injecting drugs, injecting all kinds of substances to see what was the potential of their body.

He wondered why I am in this body, is it perhaps a cliché where the protagonists are teleported to another world, if so, where is my system, where is my desires, fate in turn was unfair to him, he did not know he only was wishlessly teleported without a chance to stop a system that would rival the gods themselves.

Without knowing it from one moment to the next, a scientist with unknown intentions entered, he had the purpose of giving them a small welcome, together with his colleagues and other guards they continued to grab the children one by one each taking them to different places, he did not know where They would take him, I thought they were doctors and that children have a highly dangerous disease, he wondered what he called me internally, Who am I? Who are my parents? Where do I come from? Is this a dream?

100 years had passed, the only survivor of the cruel and ruthless turtles was him, he thought that there were more children alive, he thought that there were more opportunities for life, but his fate was cruelly seized over and over again by torture, by dismemberment, by guilt. of himself of not being able to do anything, But who would complain, he no longer felt any pain even if they took away an arm, a leg, if they cut him slowly with a knife on fire it would not hurt, he had suffered enough, the ultimate test experiment with his heart and brain, if he would survive he would consider him as the most resistant subject in all existence, since even death could not touch him, they drugged him with liquids and powders, they gave him extremely poisoned food, they gave him to swallow sharp objects, They gave him radiation to eat, even if he survived this would have great consequences, the scientists thought, but above all prognosis he always survived, he accepted everything with a sincere smile with a warm and beautiful welcome, the most confused scientists even tortured him more because they thought that a masochist, day and night spent another 100 years passed against all odds he survives everything from radiation even if they cut off his head he would not die, even if they took out his heart he would survive, even if the slightest molecule was eradicated he would survive, scientists consider him as a saint as a person who should be here the active 8-year-old boy looked like a 22-year-old, His white hair that he had was changing even more pure white as pure as a nova, despite all that he never wished anyone evil, even when they injected poison they injected drugs, they even injected poison into his heart, even when it stabbed a thousand times in his heart he never hated them.

The last and most recent experiment was going to be tested again, the experiment consisted of giving power, years after years, scientists understood that this person was so pure innocent that he deserved power, he deserved a second chance, they cried and repented Of what they did, they started with a project, put it before the strongest energy in the entire universe, the multiversal energy, the power was so great and so devastating that even a simple movement of the hand would cause millions and millions of planets to be destroyed just on a whim , the scientists once again grabbed the young man, he did not have a name, he had nothing, themselves, they gave him a name "Hideaki ', they decided to serve and protect him, from the one who will try to harm him, even before the test they released him they promised, never to use experiments with someone else, they tried to revive or heal those little young people who were with him, they had nothing to lose, and so they created an organization an army, a family which understood that hurting innocent people was a most stupid and disgusting sin in all of existence, so each person was reformed little by little, each with the same ideal of protecting the young teacher, that young man who would accept pain and suffering, with a quality and pure smile of the most coming from his heart and soul.

Whoever messed with the young master, be it a nobleman, a rich man, a merchant, a politician, a king of a planet, a general of an army, they would kill him, they who when they saw killed the people who caused the suffering of The rest were considered interstellar pirates, pirates who traveled from universe to universe, from multiverse multiverses with the sole purpose of giving joy to those souls, those people with whom their master identified himself, thus the fleet "the monster of light" was born. , a total of more than 10 million interstellar ships, still needed to look for those people who occupied the rank of captains, those people that his master will trust and propose as a loyal confidant friend or simply a son.