1 Chapter One

"Let them eat cake!" she said triumphantly. I don't know fuck.

Louis moaned triumphantly also, as she impregnated him. "Eat MY cake, dearest!"

"Where do you from here?"

"Whatever do you mean?"

RobesPierre stared lustfully through the Palace windows - THIS is why he started the revolution - he wanted to be on the receiving end of Marie's raging strap on.

"OUI OUI MON QUEEN!" he moaned. His chastity belt gripped him unforgivingly, the joy ran to his /membre/.

She ran her hand through his hair, is luscious locks submitting to her touch.

Robespierre's tentacles began to wave out of control. Anger. Anquish. He accidentally shatters this bedroom window.

Marie gasps! "Whatever are you doing!" but like. In French. He blushes bashfully, going on all fours for her. Louis moans his name.

Marie smirks. Tonight, she will be the mother of TWO heirs to the throne...



hey guys!! this is my first fix >-< i really enjoy the forbidden romance between Robespierre and King Louis. It definitely happened!! 1! I tried to make it as ACCURATE as possible, but I know i have some plot holes. JUST LIKE HAMILTON AND JOHN all the letters between the two lovers, Robespierre (spains favourite founding father) and King Louis (mother of three, half Lithuanian) were burned in a fire by Sir Culann O Cannaught in 1823 due to the influence and homophobia of the church at the time! Sir Culann was eventually stripped of his titles (and his dignity!) when executed for being a homosexual himself.

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