3 Chapter 2


A meeting was held later that day at Pentagon. General Carral was one who insisted that the president had to envovled in this conversation. He stood sternly with pride on both of he's shoulders. Corporal assisted him. Once the president had finally arrived and seated comfortably. The meeting began. The boardroom's light dimmed to almost complete darkness, a blue ray of light illuminated the room acting as a screen.

General Carral stood in front. "Her name is Bell Higgins, she's convicted multiple murders, international theft, FBI interference and vandalism of the White House." The general flicked through her digital criminal record and crossing a photograph of the side of the White House painted the letters, "S U C K I T !"

"She's jumped from country to country, she's like a phantom. You see her, the next she's gone." Corporal added to the general's statement.

"Well that's no surprise. She's the daughter of a mad man and an ex detective. " The head of the FBI commented.

"So, how exactly are you going to stop her reign ?" The Lady President asked sternly interlocking her semi wrinkled fingers together. The General moves to another folder, a profile. The corporal walks to Lady President's seat and drops a file in front of her. She flips it open. One fo the top field agents in the force. He had long square-ish shape face. Clean cut jaw ,chestnut hair, green eyes and almost pale skin.

"Mrs President, we're going to put our best field agent, Agent Danver and he's team are the best out of all the force." Corporal said. "If there's a criminal on the run, he'll find them" General Carral added with he's back facing the President.

"We're dealing with a master criminal mind. And if I might add she's a woman and we females are very intelligent " she stated with concern.

Corporal walked back the front, " don't worry, he's gonna find her."

(2 months later)

I left to New York to escape from the cops. While I was in Los Angeles, I heard my ass is being hunted down by some highly train agents.

I wouldn't be so worried about some scrambling field rats. There no differnt from others that 'tried' to catch me. Hahaha.

As I walked my way in Time Square, obviously me being a world criminal. I have to blend in and not seem so sketchy. I went for an expensive fashion designer interpretation and topped it off with a white fedora. This look suited me very well. It was roughly 8 pm, the perfect time for me to rome around. I thought a pretzel would do me some good, considering that I hadn't had one in quite some time. I seated myself on one of the park benches. Everything was going great, me enjoying me pretzel when all of a sudden, this sweet couple dare walk into eye sight. And to make it even worse they had a little kid. Their hands connected with each other, the child as the link between the adults. They were radiating affection off their backs I could feel it. I felt my stomach turn. The sweetness from them made me sick, as well as another feeling that makes my heart fall into a dark hole. It almost made my eyes tear up. Almost." I'd rather suffocate than be like that." I said in cold, harsh manner. Loud enough for other individuals hear me.

I finish off my pretzel and disposed of the lunch paper. I had one good look at the couple before leaving the scene. As I walked away, I spotted a familiar field agent talking to the guy I bought a pretzel from. I brought my hat to the front of my face and kept on walking.

"Have you seen this woman? Blue-grey eyes. 24 of age, roughly 5'1." The agent asked holding up a photo of me. In my head, my only concern was, "I'm not that fucking small!" Of course if I had said that out loud I would have blown my cover. The further I got from them, I rested my shoulders a bit until I heard, "oh! She had a white fedora on. Oh there she is." Immediately my body went to tense mode. I cursed under my breathe. I picked up the pace and began walking in between people blending in, shifting my hat onto someone else. Hopefully to get that rat off my back. I looked back just for clearance. And Boy! Was that a bad decision. He immediately saw my face and started running towards my direction.

"Great Job dumbass, you had look back." I scolded myself. I walked faster and eventually started running, pushing people out of my way. I could feel this bastard's gaze burn into back. I saw club door open I immediately made a run for it. As I entered, music was blasting all over. Body on top body on the dance floor. My first thought was to head straight for the restrooms. I quickly took my coat off and through it somewhere. I walked out again, I sat at on of the booths. Watching the field rat's movement but someone stood in my view. " Hello, can I get you something to drink, ms?" A waitress asked politely. "Um...no thanks...no wait, I'll take a water please." I said as my breathing grew heavy. "And um could you make it quick" I requested. "Sure." With that said she walked away. I still had an eye on him amd after a while he gave up. I sighed in relief. The waitress came back with the water, "here you are." She said putting the glass on the table. "Thanks." After she left. I took a gulp of the water, feeling the coolness sooth my throat.

A man came to my table and sat opposite me , "is this seat taken or are you waiting for your boyfriend to come back?" He randomly asked. He seems very suspicious. My eye twitched at this man before answering him. "I don't have a boyfriend." I replied quickly on the salty side. I took another sip of my water which was my last cause there was nothing left in the glass.

This guy, this guy looks strangely familiar but why tho, "so what do you know of Mark Sancheize?" He asked sipping he's whiskey looking away. "Who?" I lied scratching the back of my neck. Looking backat it now, it's kind of funny. I put bullet in he's head.

"He was one powerful drug lord...and the son of Eric Sancheize. His part of the top 3 illegal drug organisations and distributions. The ultimate drug lord." He looked me dead in the eye, "but do you know what I know about you?" He asked seriously.

Like shit wasn't bad enough.

"What?" I asked. Bell! Stop getting yourself into trouble. "You murdered little Mark." "Get her." And with that said everything went black.