2 Chapter 1

Walking away is easy but walking away from the building of the most notorious and powerful drug lord in the US. Now that's a different thing. Well I basically just exited the he's office, threating me that he's father will have my head on a silver platter and family will be burnt alive.


I'm not the kind of person that is fond of having relationships with otjer individuals. Saying I have a family just makes me seem pathetic and weak. The only possible way to shut the bastard up was to a bullet in between he's pretty blue eyes.

As stubborn as I am, I reclaimed the money I stole. So at that very point in time, I tried to not step on any of the deceased hitmen on the floor on the way out or the blood would have spoiled my boots.

My current location is in LA. The main of objective of being here is stay low and keep my head down from the FBI. Believe it or not, everybody wants me. Or at least my head. Mafia, drug lords, FBI ,you name it. The name Bell Higgins is the top of every hit list. The most dangerous criminal mastermind to live...that would be me. The Most Wasted individual on the earth.

You're probably wondering what made me like this. Well not everyone is born into a loving and caring family. My father was work obsessed detective and my mother...well I didn't really know my mother that well but I sure as hell know that she's no angel. I was basically on my own. My father was accused of murdering my mother when I was young. He dragged me along with to whatever country he wanted to escape to. My ass of a father forced me to undergo self defense training. Worst fucking years of my life. He died from blood loss when I was 14. But who cares about sappy sad stories like that.

That was 10 years ago. I don't need anyone , not a single person.

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