52 Wedding Night

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When Xi Xiaye returned to the bedroom, there were already no signs of him. The room was still cloaked in darkness, while the bathroom was brightly lit.

Xi Xiaye stood at the door and struggled for quite a while before she finally walked over to the bedside. In a glance, she saw that the needle on the clock showed 10 p.m. It was late. However, to someone like her who always pulled all-nighters, it was still very early.

The bed was huge and it would not be a problem fitting five to six people. With a cozy, simple and elegant light color and the dim yellow light shining down from the wall, it gave anyone a snug and warm feeling.

She walked over to pull up the curtains, then turned back to sit down quietly by the bed. She could not help but feel a little nervous.

As it would be her first time sharing a room with a man that she did not know very well, she now suddenly thought of many things she would have never considered before.


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