184 Mu Yuchen, Profiteer! (2)

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"Is Master Mu really frigid like the rumors say?"

The few words at the end were too soft to be heard!

Xi Xiaye caught up with the conversation and understood what Su Nan meant. Her pretty little face turned red as she glanced over at the man.

He was pouring some tea with his head lowered. She only saw the handsome side profile of his, which gave her a sense of tranquility. She was suddenly reminded that she had once called him a quiet beautiful man. It was a perfect description of him right now.

However, she had no idea how to answer Su Nan's question since she was not really sure because...

"So, is he?" Su Nan asked again.

Xi Xiaye averted her gaze away from him unnaturally and said to Su Nan, "Of course not! Go rest earlier. I'm hanging up."

She hung up on the call and left her phone aside before unconsciously taking another glance at him oddly.


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