98 Master Mu's Disregard (2)

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Mu Yuchen frowned slightly when he heard Li Si. His eyes turned icy as he looked at Xi Xinyi who was walking towards him.

Wearing a yellow spring Chanel outfit along with her wavy, light blonde hair and a scarf tied around her neck, a lovely smile spread across her beautiful face.

"Hello, Chairman Mu. I'm Xi Xinyi, I've been looking for an occasion to visit you and coincidentally, we cross paths today."

Xi Xinyi kept her smile up as her manager also beamed widely. When Mu Yuchen still seemed aloof, she explained, "Chairman Mu, the purpose of Ms. Xi's visit today is to know more about being the ambassador of Imperial Sky Jewellery City. The person-in-charge from your company gave us a call yesterday and asked Xinyi to come over to discuss it."

"I've heard a lot about you, Chairman Mu. It's really my pleasure to work with Glory World this time. I'm so glad to have this opportunity!"


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