237 It’s Fine As Long As She’s Fine With Him (3)

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Xi Mushan was startled when Shen Wenna questioned him. Instantly, he put up an apologetic expression on his handsome face, but he did not defend himself. After all, he was at fault in this matter…

"I understand that it's a difficult situation for you, but you should know your daughter well. I don't care how you and Yue Lingsi betrayed me back then. I also don't care how Xi Xinyi imitated her mother and attacked Xiaye, but I just hope that you can protect this peace Xiaye has found after marrying Chen. This is something you can do, isn't it?"

Shen Wenna looked at Xi Mushan straight in the eye.e, "Xiaye has always been concerned about us. I have to say that I'm not a responsible mother to her…"

"Wenna, I'm sorry... I've always felt guilty towards you all these years. Every time I see Xiaye, I'd... I went to look for you at the school before... I wanted to talk to you. If... If…"

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