Xi Xiaye kept silent. Her usually clear eyes that were looking at him gradually zoned out into a daze. Mu Yuchen's gaze that could see through everything could very quickly catch on to the mixed feelings she felt.



Even a faint, uneasy melancholy...

"What does your silence mean?"

When he saw her keeping silent for quite a while, he suddenly smiled. His tone was resounding and did not allow defiance. "If you're not going to say anything, then I'm just going to take it that you agree."


When she heard his words, Xi Xiaye then returned to her senses. Just as she was about to say something, she was stopped by Mu Yuchen. His profound eyes looked at Xi Xiaye with a gaze that made Xi Xiaye feel like she had nowhere to escape.

"I don't want to hear your answer right now without having you considered it. Sleep on it when you get back. I trust that you're a smart person. You should know what kind of answer to give me."

The man's tone was low yet firm, stopping the words that were about to come out of Xi Xiaye's mouth.

Her clear eyes looked at him for quite some time before her light-colored lips gently parted. She thought about it and then asked, "Why? With your qualities, I'm afraid the entire pool of City Z's women would be yours to pick."

When he heard her question, Mu Yuchen's gaze paused. He suddenly lowered his gaze silently and seemed to contemplate for a moment before he abrupted looked up. "There doesn't need to be a reason for everything. If you really want an answer..."

As he said this, he paused and silently looked at Xi Xiaye. His voice was muffled while being sincere. "I still need a wife... and I don't repel you. Don't worry. Marry me and I'll do my best to satisfy all of your needs. I just need your loyalty."

He suddenly turned his head over and took in a shallow breath. He looked indifferently out of the window at the dim streetlights. "Are you satisfied with this answer?"

Xi Xiaye was a little startled. Her confused eyes stared at him for quite a while before she quietly tightened her fists and lowered her head without a word.

"Remember my words. Now, I'll bring you for dinner." Mu Yuchen had already retrieved his gaze and glanced at her before starting the car once again.

He was blunt and decisive, completely ignoring whether or not Xi Xiaye could handle it. Xi Xiaye looked up at him and saw that he was already focused on the road ahead as he continued to drive. She could only frown a little...

The dark silver Porsche had swiftly driven through the cold, hazy night, going past a few busy traffic ports, shuttling past the flickering lights of brilliant colors, and lastly stopping in front of a high-class Western restaurant.

"If you have any more questions, think about it when you get back. Now, get down from the car to eat."

Mu Yuchen looked towards Xi Xiaye who was still a little absent-minded on his side. He could not help but chuckle before pushing the car door open to get down.

Xi Xiaye then reacted. When she saw that his tall figure had already bypassed the car, she followed him.

"Hello, Master!"

When the valet at the entrance saw Mu Yuchen's figure, he quickly walked up to greet him enthusiastically.

Mu Yuchen nodded and tossed his car keys over to the valet who very knowingly caught them. However, when he turned around, he almost bumped into Xi Xiaye. It was fortunate that Mu Yuchen pulled Xi Xiaye away in time.

"Sorry! Sorry!"

The valet apologized in panic, especially when he saw Mu Yuchen's gently furrowed brows. He was afraid that he was going to get fired just like that.

"No worries. Be more careful next time." Xi Xiaye smiled, then she looked up at Mu Yuchen.

Obviously, he understood that gaze and did not say anything. He just slowly let go of his hand that had cuffed onto Xi Xiaye's wrist before walking into the restaurant while the valet retreated gratefully.

They followed the restaurant manager and found a private room. Mu Yuchen casually flipped open the menu that the manager had delivered.

"What do you want to eat?"

His deep and perceptive voice was heard.

"The most expensive one," Xi Xiaye suddenly said, seemingly acting in a fit of pique. When she thought about how he stopped her words right away earlier, she felt a little unhappy, and of course, there was the thing about the pig drawing too.

When she said this, the man opposite her paused. He looked up from the menu with astonishment and the light in his dark eyes shifted. Studying her with some interest, he then very admiringly nodded and smiled. "Very good. I didn't expect your class-consciousness to be this high."

When he said that, Xi Xiaye's beautiful face instantly blushed. She shot him a glare unhappily. Then, seeing the restaurant manager holding his laughter back too, she instantly felt a little embarrassed. She could only turn her head away and silently look at the row of unevenly decorated little light decorations that were emitting a soft light, not saying another word.

Mu Yuchen did not trouble her either. He gently turned to look at the restaurant manager and quickly ordered two sets of steak, a bottle of red wine, and some dishes.

The restaurant was highly efficient and it was only a short while before the food was served.

A gentle and pleasant piano tune started to play. Underneath the soft yellow lights, Xi Xiaye could very clearly feel the chill around her break up bit by bit. As she silently watched the man opposite her who was elegantly pouring her a glass of wine, there was suddenly mixed emotions in her eyes.

"Aren't you hungry? Why are you watching me?"

He noticed that she had not moved, so Mu Yuchen then laughed softly. "To answer you, it is the most expensive dish, so you can enjoy it to the fullest."

Xi Xiaye then awkwardly retrieved her gaze. She looked down and picked up the knife and fork before her clear voice was finally heard. "How do you know that I'm not just letting you order the most expensive thing and then pay for it to thank you for helping me out tonight?" She asked while sulking.

Mu Yuchen looked up a little astoundedly at her. He thought about it and then said softly, "You've already treated me to a meal before this, so I don't mind you thanking me in a different way."

When she saw that meaningful look in his eyes, Xi Xiaye immediately thought of his words in the office today. Taken by surprise, she then replied after a while, "But I like thanking through treating people to meals."

"Did you learn all of that from being in the business world all these years?" Mu Yuchen asked as his long arms reached over to help her slice her steak with familiarity while Xi Xiaye just thought about it a little distractedly. When she saw what he was doing, she turned blank at that moment, and then sighed softly, "Maybe... actually, I didn't know I'd have such thoughts too."

He retrieved his hands and said, "Where are all of your thoughts coming from? Let's eat." 

"Mmm, Mu Yuchen, you're pretty good at slicing," Xi Xiaye complimented as she took a look at the steak on her plate.

"It should be on the same level as your drawing skills." The man did not know what humility was.

"Can the two even be compared?"


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