145 Happy New Year

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When Mu Yuchen returned to the room, Xi Xiaye had already finished her bath and was lying down. The main light in the bedroom was switched off too. Only a dim wall lamp was left lit up.

He used the dim yellow light to look at the slightly protruding blanket. He picked up his pace and walked over, switching the table lamp on the side on. After staring at her sleeping for quite a while, he said, "Mother and the rest made supper. Do you want to go downstairs?"

"No, I've showered and I'm not hungry." She did not even open her eyes as she answered a little sleepily.

Mu Yuchen did not bother her further either. He switched the light off and walked out of the bedroom.

Xi Xiaye was dazed in her sleep. She seemed to vaguely remember that the man returned to the room after quite a long while.

The next morning, the couple were still in their slumber when they were awoken by the knocking from outside.


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